Sexy men are good eye candy and sexy, curly men are just plain hot! While male celebrities may not have to go through quite as much work as to keep our curls looking good as we do, we appreciate them just the same. Whatever it is they do or have done to their hair, it definitely pays off, and we get to reap the visual benefits!

Adrian Grenier

You may remember him from “The Devil Wears Prada” or more recently from the new “90210.” Wherever you can remember him from, we are SO JEALOUS of his perfect type 3 curls! You just know they’d be gorgeous if he let them grow out even more. What's more, I bet he spends hardly time at all getting those curls to look like that. Ah, the life of a man.

Joe Nichols

Recently nominated at the CMC 2012 Music Awards in Australia as the “International Artist of the Year,” Joe Nichols is just plain sexy, and we’re quite sure he knows it! He has insanely perfect type 2 waves that are sure to make you wavies envious.

Lenny Kravitz

Don’t think we weren’t going to include some sexy kinkies! Lenny Kravitz has had various hairstyles over the years, and these days he’s sporting it a little shorter. Still, we totally love when he grows it out a little, especially in those dreads! He is hot, his voice is sultry and his hair is perfection. I bet I could give him some homemade product advice, show him how to apply it and become best curl friends. Or get married. Whichever.

Gabriel Aubry

Another type 2 hot one, Gabriel Aubry’s half-smirk, half-serious smile makes us melt! His smoking good looks and those soft curls framing his face in such a way that he seems deep thought makes it hard to look away. On the other hand, maybe it’s just that we can’t think of anything but dreamy deep thoughts when we stare into his eyes. Either way, I’d kill to run my hands through those curls, if he’d let me, of course!


Known for rocking the beat with his nephew Sky Blu, together forming the duo “LMFAO,” Redfoo definitely knows how to work the ‘fro! Looking past the, well, kind of over-the-top tacky outfits and colossal glasses he is always sporting, I’m completely falling for his ‘fro!

Brody Jenner

Brody’s sexy celebrity curls just make us swoon! We can’t tell if it’s those beautiful brown eyes of his or that pouty mouth he has when he smiles that captures us, but his curls are totally in control. I love how he can keep his hair short and still have curl definition. Toss that cropped curly ‘do advice over here, Brody!