Texture: Men's Hairstyles for Spring

2011-01-29 15:45:43

Texture: Men's Hairstyles for Spring

Men's hairstyles this spring will feature textured hair, say the experts

Cristiano Ronaldo

Soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo sports a faux hawk

Stylin’ Smarts
Whatever the cut, the ultimate way to get texture play is with the right products for the goal and styling tricks you share with your client. Here are a few to get you started:

Use a long-lasting gel. At Ouidad’s salons, the mohawk is created with a long-lasting gel, like Ouidad Clear Control Pomade. “Mold the hair into any shape, as long as it all flows in line,” says Ouidad. (Her new Curl Quencher helps keep textured ‘hawks healthy.)

Pick the right finishing product. For the versatile long-on-top, shorter-at-the-sides cut, Balding says it goes slick or textured, depending on the finishing product you use. “Redken For Men Get Groomed finishing cream is fantastic for medium-to-fine textured hair,” she says. “It’s weightless with a natural-looking finish, so it smooths the hair without weighing it down. Mint Shape Forming Paste is best for medium-to-thick textured hair. It is a very moldable paste with a medium hold. Based on hair type, pick the one best for your clients hair type, and apply to dry hair for best results.”

Be on the lookout for new products! In a nod to the texture trend, this January, American Crew is launching four new styling products: Boost Powder, Boost Cream, Curl Control and Curl Construct. They were created to control and enhance texture, allowing stylists to achieve all the spring runway looks. “Combine Boost Cream and Boost Powder to achieve enhanced wave and elevation,” says Wilson. “To detail natural wave or texture, start with Curl Construct as your foundation, then combine Curl Construct and Pomade to add shine and separation. Boost Powder adds lift and grit by increasing the surface texture of hair and is ideal for product layering. To achieve intense lift and defined texture, shake Boost Power into dry hair, then apply Molding Clay."

As men become increasingly sophisticated and style conscious, last year’s barber shop to salon migration is expected to continue, and savvy stylists with diverse textural skills will reap the full benefit.

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Victoria Wurdinger

Victoria Wurdinger