20 Curl Friends to Follow on Instagram for Curly Hair Inspo

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It’s a new year Curl Friends! This is the time of year we set new hair goals, revamp our hair care routine, and plan our new looks. Whether you’re in search for a new look, the latest products, new styles, or simply hair and lifestyle inspiration, Naturally Curly has curated a list of 20 new curl friends you should be following in 2020. Get ready to reach your goals in 3, 2, 1…

1. Naturally Shauniece (@naturallyshauniece“> 

Shauniece is your favorite curl friend and mom bestie guiding you through your natural and healthy hair journey and your best mom life. Shauniece provides tutorials for maintaining a tapered haircut, and teaching naturalistas healthy hair tips all while sharing her hilarious perspectives on raising teenage sons.

2. Tiere Christyan (@tierechristyan“>

Tiere has a head full of luscious, colorful, and healthy curls we all desire. If you’re looking to add color to your curls, then Tiere is a must follow. Tiere is also the host of Curlstruck YouTube series called, “Bigger Than Hair” where she host conversations on topics like relationships, motherhood, upbringing, career, and much more.

3. Tiffany Shannel (@tiffofalltrades “>

Tiffany is a Dallas-based natural hair, lifestyle, and beauty influencer who provides her community with innovative tutorials, detailed product reviews, and perspectives on motherhood and family. If you’re looking for both inspiration and detailed information to help you with your natural hair journey, TIffany is the perfect new Curl Friend for you.

4. Inked Curls (@inkedcurls“>

Lisa is a Brooklyn beauty and lifestyle influencer who loves textured curly hair, tattoos, urban streetwear, and sneakers. Lisa has a niche for DIY tips for cutting, coloring, braiding, and overall care for one’s curls.

5. Naturally Madisen (@naturally_madisen“>

Madisen is a 26 year old beauty and lifestyle blogger from Charlotte, North Carolina. Madisen is a resource for women who are looking for clean beauty products to use in their natural hair, skincare, and makeup routine. Madisen is an excellent source for naturalistas looking to support smaller brands.

6. Shanise Nicole (@shanisenicole_“>

Shanise Nicole is a YouTuber, Army wife, and mother who does it all including protective styling, natural hair styling, family vlogs, and cooking vlogs. Shanise specializes in protective styling, especially wigs. Curl Friends looking for a new look without compromising healthy hair, should follow Shanise.

7. Foxy Naturally (@foxynaturally“>

A Louisiana-based natural hair influencer who believes “good hair is healthy hair”. Foxy provides detailed hair styling tutorials for twist outs, rollers, and wash and goes. She also shares product reviews and DIY hair treatments. Curl Friends love her before and after photos.

8. Coconut and Concrete (@coconutandconcrete“>

Wes is a self-proclaimed city raised island girl who rocks one of the most coveted tapered haircuts on Instagram. If you’re looking for styling tips for your tapered haircut, then Wes is a must follow. Who knows, Wes may take you and your curls to vacation in the Caribbean.

9. Your Fab Life Today (@yourfablifetoday“>

If you’re looking for TWA inspiration, then Kenia of Your Fab Life Today is your girl. Kenia’s TWA curls are popping and she shows versatile styling and product reviews for short natural hair.

10. Candacee Renee (@candacee_renee“>

Candacee is a happily married curl friend sharing her authentic natural hair journey. On Candacee’s YouTube channel she shares tips for achieving the perfect wash and go, honest product reviews, and how-to tutorials.

11. Mamas Kitchen and Curls (@mamaskitchenandcurls“>

Charis, the mama behind Mama’s Kitchen and Curls, has a passion for helping other women navigate their natural hair journey along with sharing her personal journey through motherhood and life along the way. Charis also provides professional consultation services for curl friends looking for extra support with navigating their natural hair journey.

12. Free Your Curls (@freeyourcurls“>

In 2015, Kourtney transitioned to natural hair and started Free Your Curls to share her natural hair journey as she freed her own curls. Now an influencer and blogger, Kourtney shares tips, reviews and tutorials for any natural or transitioning naturalista.

13. Call Me Hairdini (@callmehairdini_“>

Looking for a new look? Well, Call Me Hairdini has all the tricks for versatile looks from wash and goes to Senegalese twists. If you enjoy traveling adventures while maintaining your curls then you should be following Call Me Hairdini.

14. Curl, Curvy, and Fit (@curlycurvyandfit“>

A lover of curls, curves, and fitness, Stevie creates digital content for hair tips and tutorials, fashion for curvy women, and her personal fitness journey. Stevie is learning how to fall in love with herself and takes us along her journey to help inspire naturalistas to discover self-love.

15. Power In Your Curl (@powerinyourcurl“>

Kenya is a curl coach and the woman behind Power In Your Curl. She helps women master their natural hair so they love their hair and feel comfortable being their natural selves. Not only does Kenya offer specialized curl coaching, she also provides hair guides, and sends tips directly to you.

16. The Blended Beauty (@theblendedbeauty“>

An Atlanta based natural hair and beauty influencer, Florence shares a holistic approach to natural hair and skincare. She loves sharing cruelty-free products that are good for both hair and skin. Florence has a niche and passion for supporting black-owned small businesses.

17. Vecoya (@vecoya“>

Vecoya Banks is a natural hair and makeup lover who resides in Washington, DC. When she’s not sharing products and natural hair tips, she’s busy being the founder and creator of “Love The Hair You Wear Event”. Vecoya created “Love The Hair You Wear Event” to help women of color to embrace their natural hair roots, self-esteem, and enjoy the company of other natural beauties.

18. Thairapy (@thairapy_“>

Thairapy is a platform where natural hair and mental health meet. Rosa, the Creative Director, is dedicated to sharing natural hair styles, and hair and beauty products. When she’s not sharing natural hair inspiration, she’s using her social work license to host her IGTV series called, “Thairapy Talks”, where she discusses mental health topics. Follow Thairapy if you want to feel good on both the inside and outside.

19. Coily Dawn (@coily_dawn“>

Residing in Jackson, Mississippi, Dawn is a natural hair, beauty, and lifestyle blogger. She first started blogging as a way to document her transition to natural hair, but soon realized that representation for textured hair was lacking on social media. Dawn seeks to change the narrative of textured hair while taking us along her personal journey.

20. Traline Denita (@tralinedenita“>

Traline is a natural hair lover, certified makeup artist, and fashioned obsessed. On her YouTube channel you can find natural hair tutorials, product reviews, fashion advice, and a peek into her massive shoe closet. Traline expresses her passion for natural hair through her apparel line celebrating natural hair and melanin. Follow Traline to feel your best and embrace your own kind of beauty.

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