Regardless of your hair’s texture, cleansing your scalp regularly is imperative to fostering healthy hair. When the scalp is not cleaned regularly, it hosts a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. With natural hair care growing in popularity, beauty brands are formulating shampoos for your hair’s specific needs. Whether you need a deep cleanse, color retention, or a break from water, here are five shampoos that are sure to fit your specific needs.

Clarifying Shampoo

Clarifying shampoos are formulated with detergents strong enough to lift excessive buildup from sweat, dirty, excess sebum, product, and water insoluble silicones. These cleansers are perfect for curlies who only cleanse 1-2x per month but may be too harsh for weekly cleansing, especially since curly, coily, and wavy hair are prone to dryness. If you use water insoluble silicones regularly, then you may have to use these shampoos more often to fight dryness and give you a clean slate. Popular clarifying shampoos include Kinky-Curly Come Clean Moisturizing Shampoo, Elucence Volume Clarifying Shampoo (pictured above), and Carol's Daughter Rosemary Mint Clarifying Sulfate-free Shampoo. 

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Moisturizing Shampoo

Moisturizing shampoos are perfect for weekly cleansing. They aid in maintaining a healthy scalp without stripping the hair of moisture like a clarifying shampoo would. These cleansers tend to be formulated with oils and humectants to help sustain the hair’s moisture. Popular moisturizing shampoos include Alikay Naturals Carribbean Coconut Milk Shampoo (pictured above) U R Curly Soya Shampoo, Ouidad Curl Quencher Shampoo, and Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Shampoo.

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Color-Safe Shampoo

Color safe shampoos prevent hair dye from bleeding excessively from color-treated hair. According to YouBeauty, “Color-depositing treatments do just what they say—add color. They give your blonde, red or brown a little somethin’ somethin’ and ward off premature brassiness, but they can’t replace real deal color, nor should they be used every day. “Color depositing shampoos literally dye the surface of hair temporarily—dropping tiny color polymers onto the hair’s outer layer,” explains White. Wilson adds: ‘It's strictly a cosmetic effect — like putting a lip stain on lips.’” Popular color-safe shampoos include SheaMoisture Superfruit Shampoo (pictured above), Aubrey Organics Inc. Egyptian Henna Shine-Enhancing Shampoo, Beecology Honey & Botanical Sulfate-Free Shampooand ColorProof ClearItUp Detox Shampoo.

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Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoos are perfect for the wavy woman who is not fond of washing her hair every two days because of an oily scalp. These shampoos absorb the sebum in the hair and scalp and only require shaking and combing to release its powdery substance. These products ire not designed to replace standard shampoos, but to only help stave-off wash day in the meantime. Popular dry shampoos include Batiste Dry Shampoo (pictured above), Arrojo ReFINISH Dry Shampoo, DevaCurl No-poo Quick Cleanser, and Sachajuan Volume Powder.

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What about co-washing and cleansing conditioners?

Think of co-washing like a happy median between a dry shampoo and a standard shampoo. While some cleansing conditioners are formulated with surfactants to help attract and rinse away buildup, they are not as effective as shampoo and are not formulated to replace them. They can be used in between your clarifying shampoos to refresh your curl and remove a little buildup. Cleansing conditioners are more for the hair while shampoo is more about the scalp, so shampoo is still essential. Reserve the co-washing for rejuvenating your curls between clarifying sessions.

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If you are concerned about dryness, then make sure to browse YouTube for various sulfate-free shampoo product reviews for textured hair. Check out the Top 30 Sulfate-Free Shampoos.

What are your favorite shampoos?