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The Deva Bently

It was funny to see how some editors would hesitate to get a curl makeover, with the usual excuses used by curly girls to straighten their hair, “I don’t have nice curls” or “I have frizz, not curls” or “I don’t really have curly hair” and then once their strands got a little of Lorraine’s Curly Girl TLC, they realized how pretty their natural texture was.

Luckily, a photographer for the event took before and after photos because some of the transformations were utterly amazing. One woman looked about fifteen years younger when the dry, frizzy, blown-out hair she came in with turned into soft, elegant waves. (She was stunned and emailed me after the party to say so was her husband!) Another was shocked that what she called her “bad curls” were actually beautiful because they were given the right hydration and care. There were many stories like that- and many happy late night emails. The other thing I found exciting was that, after seeing the gorgeous ringlets around them, some of the naturally straight editors were so green with envy that they had their hair curled using gel and clips!

In addition to the curl makeovers and a heartfelt speech from Lorraine, there was yummy food (with curly cucumber and carrot garnishes), curl-tinis (a sangria type drink created by Lorraine), a guess-the-number-of-curls-in-the-jar activity and raffle. The night ended with a stream of newly curled and waved girls leaving the party with goody bags filled with DevaCurl products, a galley of the book, Curly Whirly candies and M&M’s that said “Curly Girl: The Handbook.” Curly or straight, a good time was had by all!

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Michele Bender
I'm trying to get photos that we're approved to post. will do so shortly!! stay tuned...

Yes we want to see some pix, please share!

Where can we see the before/after pictures that the photographer was taking from this event?

All curls are good curls - they just need the right TLC. To find out more, all curly girls can pre-order the book at

I agree with the above that there is no such thing as "bad curls", it's how you treat them that matters. With the right product (and amount of product) and drying technique, you can make the most of your hair whatever the texture.

Wow!!! That sounds awesome. Wish I was there and could have the book :)