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Say what you want but ombre is not going anywhere. This trend is taking on more looks with bolder colors. It’s fun and a great change as we walk into summer. How to do it? Well, there is more than one way to try this look and it is easier than one would think. Ombre is gradually adding whatever hair color you want to the ends (or even the middle and ends) of your hair. It can be stark or a gradient with any color. There also various method of application or at least that’s what Brandiga26 wanted to know when she asked about it in our Curly Q&A.


I want to dye my hair at the ends brown ombre or honey blond color. I don't want to bleach it but I want know what to do can you give tips or ideas what to do or use?


You do not have to bleach your hair to get the ombre look. There are four major ways to get ombre hair and you can do most inexpensively.

Seek a color professional

This is the ideal way to get exactly what you want with minimal damage especially if bleaching is necessary. Now, understand that anytime you bleach your hair there will be damage but seeking the help of a professional will ensure the application is done correctly and they should give you pointers on how to care for your hair afterward. Also know that there are specific products for color-treated or bleached hair like shampoos and conditioners that are necessary, as they have extra nutrients and moisturizers to keep hair as healthy as possible.

Take the temporary route

This is great way to see if you will like going ombre or not without completely committing to it. Whether you choose eye shadows, chalk, or even temporary dyes, like Jerome or Manic Panic, this will allow you to give it a try with minimal price and commitment. Simply brush the color of your choosing on your ends (how high to go up is completely up to you) and follow the instructions on the product. Since the color is temporary you can go as wild as you please, but make sure you are not applying temporary color to hair with split or damaged ends, as it may stay in longer than you prefer or permanently dye the hair. Read the instructions fully before using.

Ombre kit

They actually have ombre hair kits in stores that will guide you to the desired ombre you are craving. L'Oreal Feria Ombré Hair Color is a very popular line, but Revlon has one too called Revlon Color Effects Ombre. Women are having success with these kits so this step-by-step option is great if this is your first time or if you are unsure about the process.

Watch Andrea Garcia use the L'Oreal Paris Feria Wild Ombre Kit

Got a brush?

You can just wing it with some permanent dye and simply use a dye brush on the ends where you want the color. Here’s a video that shows you exactly how to do it with regular hair dye and a brush.

How to Dye your hair Ombre

For a polished finish, consider getting a professional trim.

So, are you ready to give it a try or have you done the DIY Ombre look already?