It's spook season, curlies!

An Afro-Latina witch with lots of brown curly hair gazes into her crystal ball amidst a lightning storm


And unless I'm reading the calendar wrong (stranger things have happened) it's high time you got in gear if you're not already set for Halloween! Don't stress though, we've got you. The Coconut Restore styling and finishing products can help get you to the next level of transformation quickly, healthfully, and conveniently–no flat iron Here are some low-prep, high-impact looks you can do to keep in costume dress code as you're out and about with your ghoulfriends this All Hallows Eve.

If you're a Type 2, try:


A black Friesian horse with a long naturally wavy mane


Ignore the neigh-sayers, you don't HAVE to go halves on a classic two-person costume if you don't want to! Try this on for size, check out our sweet Coco-Faux Hawk tutorial, for type 3s, and modify it for your looser waves by using just the ultra-smoothing Curl Control Leave-in Conditioner and a good brush to sleek your hair into the banana clips. If you want extra flair, grab hold of a ponytail extension that matches from any beauty store and clip it to the nape of your neck. Actually grab two–nothing completes the look like a good swishy tail! Experience says you actually can use it to shoo flies whether you're romping about gathering candy or cocktails!

Snag an oh-so-in harness from Amazon or Claire's to be your bridle, and saddle up for a great night!

Greaser Gal

An olive skinned woman in a big rolled pompadour and cat


One of the easiest and quickest costumes there is as long as you have a leather jacket, white tee, and jeans! But that's no excuse to get sloppy—if you've ever watched 'Grease', or met a Rockabilly type in person, one thing they capital D DO NOT mess with is that perfectly crisp coif. To help you get that sweet slick pompadour, reach for the Styling and Setting Gelee, use a light touch for the bulk of your hair before setting over a roller (or an old-fashioned Coke can), and go a little heavier on the sides to really slick it up. Once you've got everything in place, and protected from any overly drying elements, keep it there with your favorite spray, and a good switchblade comb if you have one on hand. Which you should.

Protip: If you don't feel like getting those sharp '50s brows with a tweezer, but still want to show your dedication to the holiday, primer, foundation, and a darker eye pencil than you'd normally use can all help with minimal effort! You'll be Pink Lady approved in no time.

Our Type 3s can take a look at:


An olive-skinned mermaid with dark curly hair displays her treasures


What do we know for sure about mermaids/Mami Watas/sirens for certain? They've all got some sweet hair. It doesn't matter if it's long or short, that seaweed and hapless sailor diet is WORKING. Want to get that same shine on dry land for your costume though? Rub some of the Whipped Coconut Oil through your hair to really pump up that wet look before you find a nice starfish clip or some pearl pins to throw into your beach curls. You'll find the beeswax in the mixture keeps things on your hair where they're needed, rather than rolling down your face as you swim the night away.

You should still have time to get some of those uber fashionable scale leggings shipped, or barring that, get your Netflix binge on while you make a scale pattern on some bottoms you already have! Just imagine drawing the letter U over and over again, and you'll be done in no time! And as an easy curl-friendly icebreaker? Tell everyone that your hair type is...3 SEA.


A lion with a bright golden mane sits serenely

iStock/Paul Daniel Florea

Big hair, don't care? Let everyone see and hear you roar with an all tawny ensemble, a good set of filed 'claws' and some ears! It's just as easy as your standard kitty costume, but you get extra edge, courtesy of the king of the jungle. Sure it's boy lions that have manes mostly, but if anyone gives you lip, make like Scar and toss them off of something. And to make sure you don't dry out those locks with your hair blown out to the heavens, palm a bit of the Curl Control Leave In Conditioner through your strands to make sure your mane is maintained. This is going to give you the hydration you don't want to lose, and keep away the frizz you never wanted to gain!

Type 4s can go "4"...

Now this is where me and my fellow coilies tend to falter–how can we pull a costume-worthy transformation out of our 'fros when we don't feel like putting them under wigs, straightening them out, or being relegated to '70s icons only?

I say...don't! Why feel pressured to change what doesn't need changing? Of course Halloween is about switching up your look to avoid being spirited maybe think about:


A deep skinned black woman with a large afro and dark sunken eyes stares at us hauntingly


This is the one time of year that the 'Every foundation makes me look ashy' issue works in our favor! Put the Fenty aside for one night, and powder up like one of the undead, making sure to get under your eyes with dark shadow! You'll want to pull out the stops with your accessories: being alive for centuries means vampires accrue some serious wealth! Get that same impeccable aristocratic luxury in your coils with the Whipped Coconut Oil! And since you just want to look ashy without actually being ashy–rub a little of the whipped goodness on any exposed skin before going over it with your kiss-of-death compact powder! You'll go "batty" for the way it glows you up from strands to soles.

Decora Style:

A Japanese woman with most of her bleached white hair covered in cutesy clips licks her lips

iStock/Davor Lavincic

Any fashion geeks in the house? You might be familiar with the Japanese sub-cultural street style called Decora that helps you practice non-discrimination against your many many many hair accessories by having you basically wear every single one you have at once. This cutesy, bubblegum-on-acid look will let you take all your pastels, neons, stickers, and your inner child turned up to 11 as you quite literally brighten everyone's night!

If you want to look even more like a hi-def cartoon character, try a braid out or Bantu knot out with a little of the Styling and Setting Gelee mixed into your normal hair moisturizer beforehand! Not does this gel give a lot of payoff for a small amount, it also provides the moisturization and protection of the coconut oil it contains! That means there'll be a lot less shed after you remove the pounds of barrettes and cute clips from your 'do when you're done.

Feeling inspired yet?

Curlies, you know we want to see pics! Make sure to tag @naturallycurly and @coconutrestore if you got your nightlife with any of these ideas! This Halloween, never forget to do you...BOO.

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