Scalpure Treatment Mask goes to the root of the problem to improve thinning hair, breakage and other hair issues


"The hair and scalp can benefit in a number of ways from the product," Steven Banas says. "The biggest benefit is how it draws out and eliminates detrimental impurities that traditional hair care cannot get to,” he says. "This makes the scalp healthier and helps the hair grow, look and feel better. A very positive difference in the hair and the scalp is often noticed after just one treatment.'

The ingredients in the Scalpure Hair & Scalp Mask are all natural. They include calcium bentonite, honeysuckle flower extract, tea tree oil, peppermint oil, cedarwood oil, organic sage extract, manuka oil and jojoba oil.

"This product provides a facial type of treatment for the scalp that helps the precious roots of the hair receive more of the essential nutrients that they need to survive and flourish," says Steven Banas.

Scalpure's supporters include a growing number of dermatologists, trichologists and stylists. "I can't say enough good things about Scalpure," says Chineta Robinson, owner of Xclusive Hair Studio in Leland, N.C. "My clients absolutely love what it's doing for their hair. I've been surprised at how fast the results have been for some of my clients."

Rodney Barnett, a renowned trichologist in Dallas, says his clients have seen significant improvement in their hair and scalp issues. "There is no question this is a dynamic product that I believe everyone can benefit from."

The Scalpure Store at is currently offering the Scalpure Hair & Scalp Mask at a special price with low flat-rate shipping for United States orders and international orders. The company offers a 90-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

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I LOVE this website, but come on, that product sounds GREAT but this "article" is nothing more than a Scalpure press release in (very poor) disguise. Every product release is going to make the product sound fantastic, but in order for curly girls to rely on this website we need to know that you TEST a product and only endorse products that you know are good quality and make claims that can be substantiated. Reach out to your readers if you need product testers! Please update us once someone with has tested Scalpure!

This product seems amazing!