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This entire line will have you feeling bright and bubbly like @tiakirby even in the winter, hunty!

Type 3c to 4c curls are the most challenging to keep hydrated and visibly moisturized, especially in Fall and Winter. Although several factors, from high porosity to fine hair strands, impact those with these curl patterns, the Jane Carter Solution Curls to GO! product line is ideal for us because of the types of ingredients used in each product.

Why I Love Curls To GO! and you will, too!

As I mentioned before, it is downright painstaking for us Type 3s and 4s to keep our curls hydrated in colder temperatures. No matter what products and their ingredients promise, there is something lacking with most of the items on the shelf. This doesn’t mean that the products themselves are ineffectual; it means that it takes soooo much work and product mixing and money to find the right combination of butters and gels and mists to keep us out of the work restroom to refresh our hair.

Many of you ladies know that I product test on a regular basis and rarely use just one product line for my Type 4 coils. Well, I am happy to report that this is a rare instance where an entire product line as absolutely floored me. Seriously – I am at work right now typing to you, and still blown away by the fact that my hair is hydrated at the root and (actually”> shiny! That’s right: I am rocking SHINY 4C COILS, GIRL.

Stick with me as I share my thoughts about the 3 stars of the Jane Carter Solution Curls to GO! line that worked a miracle on my dry, post-protective style hair.

This is me, Gerilyn Hayes. I am in a PARKED car during Austin rush hour and my hair is ridiculously dry. Boo!

This is me, Gerilyn, literally parked in Austin, TX rush hour traffic with dry as a bone 4C curls – #notcool

NOTE: Although this photo was taken a while ago, I can guarantee you that when my curls are not in Bantu Knots or Box Braids, they look like this: cute on Instagram; hot, dry mess IRL.

As skeptical as many of you are about new products, I am always willing to take an L for you. In this case, I ended up winning. Let me tell you about it!

First of all: I do not like co-washes because their no-suds-at-all nature intimidates me. I’ve passed them off to my wavy and curly hair colleagues for their assessments, but rarely recommend them for my low porosity, 4C sisters. Low and behold, I buckled under the pressure and smooshed the Curls to GO! Curl Drench Cleansing Co-Wash into my wet hair.

Results: I am ashamed of myself for not getting ahold of this co-wash sooner… what was I thinking?! My hair is so soft because of its jojoba and avocado oils; it is so shiny because of the argan oil. That’s right, friend. Jane Carter’s Curl Drench has won me over!

After realizing I was wrong, I completely rinsed out the co-wash and then raked the Coiling All Curls Elongating Gel through my 4Cs. OMGoodness, the SLIP is everything. This gel is unique because it uses nettle, a natural hair strand thickener, in concert with scalp-soothing aloe vera, and mega-moisturizing coconut oil. As soon as I looked in the mirror to see if the gel turned white in my hair, I saw something remarkable: DEFINED COILY HAIR.

Yes, I was pleased. I am still pleased, but not just because of the definition; it is because of the most surprising (to me”> item in the Curls to GO! line: Shine On Curl Elixir.

Ladies, the Curls to GO! Shine On Curl Elixir is my new bestie for Wintertime hair care!

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You all know that I am big on scents, and this curl elixir has become my new favorite because of its mix of musky yet floral argan and macadamia oils with mellow aloe vera. Uggghhh… I’m in deep like, ladies. Deep deep like.

Although I do not use hair butter or curl creams anymore on my low porosity hair (I get a lot of build-up that doesn’t go away without shampooing”>, I highly recommend that my high- and medium-porosity sisters give the Curl Cocktail Conditioning Styling Cream a try and tell me how you like it. I’m envious of you because the cream smells like heaven, and I want to smell like heaven too, but we can’t have it all, can we?

For my upcoming box braids installation, I am going to use the Mist Me Over Curl Hydrator in combination with the Shine On Curl Elixir to keep my scalp hydrated and moisturized. Prior to the installation, I am going to use the Untangle Me Weightless Leave-In the night before going to my braider. I’m confident that its mango butter, slippery elm, and marshmallow root formula will help keep my hair soft and manageable for an easy braiding process.

Jane Carter Solution is a beloved curly girl favorite.

fangirl janecartersolution instagram

If you’re not a Jane Carter fangirl, yet you will be. Since using the Curls to GO! line, I have been double tapping like a mad woman whenever I see @janecartersolution in my IG feed. She provides product reviews from some of my favorite influencers and texture encouragement for all. This is great for my curl-esteem because sometimes painfully dry coily hair and scalp can turn a bad hair day into a curl-up-and-cry day.

But enough about my fandom – Get these products for your Winter Hydration arsenal.

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Curls to GO! Curl Drench Cleansing Co-Wash

Curls to GO! Un-tangle Me

Curls to GO! Shine On Curl Elixir

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As ever, stay curly!

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