Your curls deserve the best. With this in mind, many hair care lines catering to curls have started using more and more natural ingredients. One of the most popular ingredients is hemp oil and for good reason.

The use of hemp oil in hair products makes sense since it is packed with proteins, fatty acids, and vitamins that help hair stay healthy and shiny. While hemp oil is great for your hair and scalp, some people shy away from it because they associate hemp with marijuana. Hemp oil is harvested directly from the marijuana plant, but it does not have the same properties so there is no mind-altering effect. So, why should you consider adding hemp oil hair care products to your routine? Here are the top three reasons.

Strengthens Hair

Hemp oil is a natural way to fortify your strands against breakage. It does this in a few different ways. Hemp oil provides the follicle with fatty acids and proteins needed to stay strong and keep the cuticle intact. Another way hemp oil helps keep hair protected against breakage is by deeply moisturizing strands. When hair is dry and brittle it is more vulnerable to breakage. It also helps keep the scalp balanced and a healthy scalp means healthy, strong hair!

Moisturizes Hair

While nearly any type of natural oil such as coconut oil or argan oil will likely give your tresses a healthy dose of moisture, hemp oil offers some of the longest lasting results in this area. The reason hemp oil is such a powerful moisturizer is because it helps prevent water loss. While some moisturizers simply provide moisture to dry hair or scalp, hemp oil provides moisture and locks it in for a longer period. Another great aspect of this type of oil is that it is fast absorbing without a greasy residue so the majority of the nutrients, vitamins, and proteins end up on your scalp and strands instead of on your hands.

Helps Grow Hair

One of the few natural oils to make such a claim, hemp oil helps prime your scalp for hair growth. We all know the scalp is the foundation of healthy hair. Hemp oil helps the scalp by improving circulation to help spread nutrients to all follicles. It is also full of much needed fatty acids such as Omega3, Omega6, and Omega 9, which are known to stimulate growth.

When it comes to adding hemp to your routine, it is easier than ever. You can buy hemp oil in its essential oil form, or find it in hair products. The hair care industry has certainly taken notice of the powers of hemp oil and it shows in their products. From shampoos to leave-in treatments, you can find hemp oil products everywhere hair care products are sold.

Check out these products if you want to incorporate hemp oil into your hair care regimen!