Spring Break is more than a vacation from academia; it's an adventure! And with every adventure, a curly girl must be prepared to look cute on her fantastic voyage to rest, relaxation, and good vibe-times with her friends.

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There are six travel basics you must remember to pack before you hit the road:

  1. Don't leave behind the one thing your scalp and curls will need: hair oil. Pack this lifesaver in your beauty bundle to prevent dryness and breakage! Containing ultra-moisturizing beeswax, the Coconut Restore Revitalizing Whipped Coconut Oil is your best bet for a pH-balanced scalp and thoroughly moisturized curls.
  2. Going to warm, sandy beaches this Spring Break 2018? The salty air and water can wreak havoc on your curls! This means that you'll need a powerful, moisturizing shampoo that contains Sodium C14-16 Olefin to keep your scalp and curls squeaky clean. This coconut derivative is the antidote for salty curls and can be easily applied via Coconut Restore Moisture Replenishing Shampoo. Just lather it up and wash out for clean, refreshed hair!
  3. A conditioner is always a must, especially for curlies that enjoy pool parties and ocean swimming and snorkeling. Why? Because after you wash the salt and sea out of your curls, they need to be replenished with a conditioner that closes the hair strand's delicate cuticle layers. The answer to this is Coconut Restore Daily Strengthening Conditioner. Simply coat your hair strands with a generous amount, leave on for 3-5 minutes, and then rinse out for soft, strong curls.
  4. Your curls are one of a kind. But of course, you're not going to skimp on pampering yourself just because you're in travel mode! During your Spring Break week, take a moment to deep treatment your curls with a hair masque formulated to combat and treat environmental heat damage. For its breakage-combating and sheen-giving properties, you'll want to apply Coconut Restore Keratin Intensive Repair Masque to your hair, cover with a shower cap, and sit under a dryer for at least 5 minutes. No dryer? No problem! Leave the masque on a bit longer, roughly 10 minutes for deep treated, soft and healthy curly hair.
  5. Daily leave-in conditioner is another way to keep your curls looking luscious during Spring Break. Simply palm a small amount of the Coconut Restore Curl Control Leave-In Conditioner onto your crown of curls, making sure to coat your wet or damp curls with it to combat frizz. Do not rinse this leave-in conditioner out of your curls; simply style as normal!
  6. Last, but not least, you will want to double check your bags to ensure you've packed away styling gel, the 6th essential curly hair travel basic you need to have and maintain stunning Spring Break hair. Because of its ability to absorb moisture from the air and put it into every hair, you will want honey to be a major ingredient in your styling gel, much like it is in the Coconut Restore Styling & Setting Gelee. Healthy, cute styles are just a slicked down edge away this Spring Break!

All of these six essentials every curly hair traveler will need this Spring Break can be found in our exclusive Coconut Restore Spring Break Travel Kit, the perfect take-me-with-you Spring Break 2018 curly hair survival caboodle assembled just for you and your curly hair needs!

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NaturallyCurly x Coconut Restore Partnership for Curly Hair Spring Break 2018 Travelers | monkeybusiness -- iStock

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As ever, stay curly!

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