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The days of using one product to achieve your ideal curly hair are few and far between. The mixing and matching many of us do to create a specific style has become known as creating a curly "cocktail," which means mixing several different products and/or raw ingredients to create personalized products that work for your hair type. There is so much versatility in natural hair, and the way it looks on any given day is dictated by several factors like the weather, products and your hair porosity.Your staple product can easily change from one year (or even one week) to the next as your curl pattern, texture, and hair health evolves. Cocktails are a great way to experiment with several products and raw ingredients to understand your curls and find what works best. We have scoped the curly chronicles to give you the best products curlies love to use for their curly cocktails.

Cocktailing Your Products

Try using cleanser cocktail as a base

The Deva Curl No-Poo Original is a popular conditioning cleanser many curlies use to achieve healthy, bouncy curls on wash days and to help hydrate and add moisture to their curls. Your first instinct with cleansers is probably to rinse them out immediately, but some curlies use this one as a base for their next steps. Use the finger comb method while your hair is still wet and add an oil that your hair responds well to, to keep your hair detangled and ready for styling.

Try deep conditioning with a smoothie cocktail

Multi-use products are a must-have in your curly cocktail arsenal because they can help you prepare your hair for whatever style you desire. Whether your curly hair is damp or dry, the Shea Moisture Coconut& Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie is a classic smoothie mix that's all about working with your desired style to achieve moisture, shine, and no frizz. Use a generous amount of the smoothie and combine with olive oil or honey to create a thicker consistency for the ultimate deep condition.

Get curl definition with a gel cocktail

The time of using gel just for an updo, ponytail or your edges is long gone. New and improved gel formulas, like the Ecoco Eco Styler Professional Styling Gel With Argan Oil, have been infused with oils to help with a great hold and shine for hair. However, when you cocktail this gel with a moisture-based product like your favorite creme or smoothie, you've got a winning combination for texture, hold, and definition is wet or dry hair. The great thing about gels is they are being infused with healthy oils to keep your hair moisturized without the old school flake effect.

Lock in your moisture with pomade cocktail

On crazy weather days you NEED to maintain and keep your moisture locked in tight. Adding a pomade to your cocktail can increase texture and control your frizz. The great thing about pomades is that a small amount will get the jov done. Whether you're wearing a wash & go or protective style, adding castor oil to a pomade like Cantu Shea Butter Hair Dressing Pomade is a great cocktail for those slicked backed styles or creating a flexible hold.

Cocktailing Raw Ingredients

For our curlies who love to DIY, we are five great recipes for you try out at home using natural ingredients found in your kitchen.

Styling Cream

Are you looking to create a homemade styling cream that will coat your curly hair and keep it frizz free? Check out this great DIY recipe using items from your kitchen.

Hair Gel

We've all had a love/hate relationship with hair gel, but creating it from scratch is an excellent way to experiment with texture and consistency to create something that works for you.

Curling Custard

Hair butter and custards can be your friend and not your enemy! Achieve definition using coconut oil, shea butter, and apricot to hydrate your hair at home.

Leave-In Conditioner

Who doesn't dream of saving a few dollars and making their own leave-in conditioner at home? This mango butter leave-in conditioner is to DIE FOR!

Hair Mask

Who knew you could make a hair mask using items that are right in your refrigerator? Each of these products is packed with vitamins, healthy proteins and natural oils that are going to give your hair the best moisture and keep your hair soft.

What are your favorite products or natural ingredients to cocktail with?

Let me know in the comments below.