Curly girls everywhere will tell you that coconut oil is a must-have all year long, but no time is more important for our hair to soak in it than the wintertime. Dense, medium to low porosity hair needs the deep moisturization that coconut oil brings during dry, chilly winter months.

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If you have spent the warmer months foraging for the best winter product options, but have come up short, you need the Coconut Restore Holiday Must-Have Kit. The all-inclusive kit features coconut oil-based products formulated to hydrate and smooth your hair strands throughout the year, and especially throughout the winter.

The kit features the entire Coconut Restore family that will help you build the perfect holiday must-have wintertime regimen. Learn how it works:

Coconut Restore Holiday Must-Have Regimen

1) Pre-Poo, Massage, & Cleanse

Curly hair needs plenty of moisture. We all know this. However, an often-missed step in our curl regimens is pre-pooing. Once you have your kit, grab your 8-oz jar Coconut Restore Revitalizing Whipped Coconut Oil goodness. Unscrew the lid, take a nice long whiff of that coconut aroma, and begin sectioning your hair. You will want to massage 2-4 dollops of the whipped coconut oil into your scalp. Depending on how much hair you have, adjust your applied amount.

The goal of pre-pooing is to maintain moisture balance so that you do not strip your hair of healthy oils during the cleansing process. Even still, you will want to dig into your kit for Coconut Restore Moisture Replenishing Shampoo so that every single section of your hair is not only clean, but thoroughly hydrated post-shampooing!

2) Fortify for Moisture Retention

Breakage is dreaded among all members of the natural hair and curl communities, so it is no wonder why you have grab hold of your coconut oil-based winter curls care kit. To get you fully fortified against bone-dry curls, apply Coconut Restore Daily Stregthening Conditioner to your freshly shampooed hair, and rinse.

Enhance this conditioner's performance by applying the Coconut Restore Keratin Intensive Repair Masque, letting it absorb into your hair while covered by either a satin-lined or plastic shower cap for 15-20 minutes. Thoroughly rinse the masque out of your hair, then follow up with this pro tip!

Pro-Tip: To get heavenly holiday hair, cocktail the Coconut Restore Revitalizing Whipped Coconut Oil and Coconut Restore Curl Control Leave-In Conditioner! As NaturallyCurly Managing Editor Cristina Cleveland explains, "Cocktailing is combining store-bought products with raw ingredients to create your personalized product. You know cooking at home is way better for you than eating out because in your kitchen you have control over what's going into your food – the same [is true] for cocktailing your hair products." What's even better for you is that when you receive your Coconut Restore kit, you will not have to worry about not having the ingredients you need: it is all packaged together for your convenience.

3) Everlasting Curl Definition

Wintertime does not play well with curls, but that will not stop you from looking your absolute best at every turn, now will it? All you need is to dive back into your must-haves kit to retrieve the über-hydrating Coconut Restore Styling & Setting Gelee to style your hair into your favorite look. Apply as much or as little of this gelee to your curls, depending on the density and length you have. From defined finger coils and twist-outs to soft ringlets and curly spirals, winter does not stand a chance when trying to cramp your style!

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Coconut Restore's Holiday Must-Haves Are Perfect for Every Curl

We love giving you exclusives here at NaturallyCurly! That is why we are thrilled to have partnered with Coconut Restore to bring you the gift of the season: The Coconut Restore Holiday Must-Haves Kit – available ONLY at SHOP NaturallyCurly! It is the perfect gift to give yourself for beautiful curls that turn heads and break hearts.

We want to see you with your new kit and new holiday hairstyles, so tag @naturallycurly and @coconutrestore in your IG selfies all winter long.

As ever, stay curly!

This post is sponsored by Coconut Restore.