If you have a neat, minimal collection of curly hair products that are well organized and easy to find, then this is not for you. If, however, you struggle to close your overflowing bathroom cabinets, or your hair products have migrated from your bathroom out to your kitchen, your linen closet, or your car, then this is for you.

According to our research, women with textured hair purchase hair products more frequently than women with straight/relaxed hair, and when they do, they spend more than women with straight/relaxed hair. Searching for a Holy Grail product that suits your curl pattern, porosity, lifestyle, hairstyle, hair goals, and personality is a process. It's not just that we're looking for our Holy Grail, our TextureTrends report found that 62% of women with textured hair admit to buying more products even after they've found products that work, just to see if they can find something better. Seeing as we invest so much of our time, effort, and money into these products, it's no wonder we're hesitant to let go of them - even when they don't work for us. And this is how you end up with products in your glovebox.

As a NaturallyCurly Editor, I'll be the first to admit that it's time to reclaim some space in my bathroom. Some of our editors have even been weighing their product stashes to really drive the point home. That's why we're dedicating a week to our Product Junkie Spring Cleanout.

The Product Junkie Spring Cleanout

It's time to clean out that stash. Starting on March 12th we'll walk you through a step by step guide to getting more organized in just 5 days. You will be fully equipped to spring clean with our expert articles including:

  • How to Know if Your Product is Expired
  • How to Sort and Categorize Your Pile
  • How to Donate Products
  • How to Organize Your Cabinet

Sign up here to join our Product Junkie Spring Cleanout and get all these tips and more. You'll want to see what happened when we invited a professional life decluttering coach over to Gerilyn's place.

Join Our Pound for Pound Challenge

Put your product junkie-ism to the test in our Pound for Pound Challenge! Simply snap a photo of your product stash, @ us on Instagram and use the hashtag #NCpound4pound. Whoever has the biggest stash wins a $100 giftcard to the Container Store.

Let us know in the comments: Are you a Product Junkie?

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