Clip-ins are becoming my go-to protective style.

Why use clip-pins?

While I’ve only used clip-in extensions as a protective style for the past few months, I vouch for them for three main reasons.

1. They are easy to install.

If you’re a little too familiar with long waits at the hair salon to install weaves or braids, using clip-in extensions might be a quicker protective style option for you. They can be installed in just a few minutes--with minimal hassle, no less--and still give you salon-fresh hair.

2. They are durable.

I have found that as I only wear clip-in extensions for my day-to-day errands and activities,  I am able to extend their shelf-life a little longer. Before bed, I take out my clip-ins before to avoid matting and knotting.

3. They are easily accessible.

Over the past year alone, I have come across five accessible companies specialising in clip-in extensions to match curly, coily and kinky hair. Aside from wigs and weaves, the natural hair community can now consider clip-in extensions as a an affordable protective style option.

Make the most of your clip-ins

Just like any other protective style, clip-ins should be properly installed and worn in order to maintain the health of our real, natural hair. These four easy techniques help me make the most of my clip-ins:
  1. Use a simple protective style as a base.

While some naturalistas like to install clip-in extensions to their picked out natural hair in order to add volume, I prefer to keep my natural hair as tucked away as possible. A true protective style should call for as little manipulation as possible.

I may opt to braid down my twists or if I’m up for it, install thick cornrows. In addition to making it easier to clip the extensions into my real hair, my type 4 coils are able to get a much needed break from overstyling.

  1. Maintain your hair regimen.

As I keep my hair underneath the clip-ins in a low manipulation protective style, I’m able to maintain my hair regimen as normal. When wash day comes around, I simply take out my clip-in extensions and proceed as I would with my haircare routine. Doing so allows me to keep my strands moisturised and sealed over the duration of my protective style.

  1. Use lightweight styling product.

My biggest tweak suggestion to your haircare regimen is to use lighter products. Rather than the castor oil or shea butter, use hair products that are less likely to cause build-up. Instead, use a diluted aloe vera mist and a dab of olive oil as a daily moisturiser.

  1. Take extra special care of your clip-in extensions.

As with any other type of extensions, clip-ins need care. Prior to installing your clip-ins, be sure to give them a good wash. Lightly deep condition them to prevent dryness. Every so often, set time aside to detangle them and as always, after a few weeks of use, put them aside and opt for another short term protective style. These simple steps should give your clip-in extensions longevity of use.

What has your clip-in extensions experience been like?

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