wigs for natural hair

Wigs can be a contentious topic among naturalistas. On one hand, some love them, as they’re great for changing up your look while keeping your hair protected. On the other hand, some can’t stand them, as they’ve been known to cause damage to hairlines and may very well defeat the purpose of wearing your natural hair in the first place.

Each side of the fence has sound argument for their stance and fairly so. Personally, wigs are a favorite of mine! In fact, I only started wearing them when I went natural. Over the past five years of my natural hair care, I’ve learned how to wear them as protective styles. I throw them on when I want to change up my style as well as when I need to keep my hair protected from harsh weather.

At any given time I have ten or so units within reach, although over the course of my natural hair journey, I’ve owned up to thirty. I know this may be a few too many for most naturalistas but as a natural hair blogger, hair versatility is my passion! Here’s how I categorize my units: 

By Price

I like to have some cheap wigs on hand for short trips to the grocery store or if I’m out volunteering at a community center. I purchase most of my cheap synthetic wigs online and love them because I can get my money’s worth out of them. I save my expensive, human hair units for special events when I have to, you know, slay!   

It’s a wig – Kesa

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By Color

I like to keep the color of my units as close to my natural hair color as possible, but there’s no denying I love to whip out some whacky colors occasionally. Ombre browns and grays are my all-time favorite. These units are great for artsy events when I want to display my creative side – think Coachella vibes. Colored units can be a great way to communicate personality, attitude, and style without the damaging effects of dyes on our natural hair.

Sensationnel Instant Fashion Couture Wig – Taraji

By Texture

As with my choice of hair color, I like to keep my wig textures as natural as possible. I tend to gravitate towards units with a natural hair blow-out texture or those with afro-curls and kinks.

Silky, wispy textures don’t favor my ethnic features – let’s not even talk about how much gel I need to use to slick down my kinky edges for a seamless blend in! It’s no wonder I only have one silky unit in my stash. That said, if you’re itching to wear straight hair and want to avoid using heat on your own hair, throw on a straight unit.

Her Give Hair – Curly Textured Wefted Hair

By Length

At different times over the course of my natural hair journey, I’ve used my afro-textured wigs as motivation for my hair journey. I buy kinky-straight units that are close to my goal length and use these as a daily motivation to nurture my natural hair underneath. Alternatively, sometimes I’m really keen on wearing an afro but want to avoid shrinkage, so I simply throw on an afro wig. This saves me the hassle of shrinkage and allows me to change up my style in an instant.

Model Model Wig – Jupiter

Do you use wigs to change up your look?

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What are some of your favorite units and why? Leave us a note down below. We’d love to know.

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