Going to the beach is a great way to spend a summer day. Between the sand and the surf, not to mention the sun, salt, and humidity, your hair can take a beating for the sake of a little fun. With these stylish and easy protective beach styles, don’t give up your day in the sun!

1. Easy Flat Twist

This is one of the classic protective beach styles because it’s easy to do. Not to mention it looks great while protecting your curls! This look lets you have the fun in the sun you deserve without leaving your hair vulnerable.

2. Edgy Space Buns

When you want a look that is slightly different and full of originality, edgy space buns are for you! They are fast, easy, and look cute when finished. There are a few variations on this look where you can zig-zag your part or you can keep things more classic with a boxed part style.

3. Cornrow Style

For a look that gives you the contrasting beauty of two different sized braids, this look can help you look stylish and beat the heat. It uses cornrows combined with a larger back braid for a sleek look that is beach ready.

4. Halo Updo

The halo is perfect for when you want an updo protective style that is easy to put in, keep in for a short time, and take down later. This look lets you create this style quickly and it doesn’t pull too much on edges which is also a win-win!

5. The Pump It Up Pin-Up

This look gives you high fashions on the high seas! When you want a glamorous style that makes you the center of attention, it is hard to top this volume-packed look.

6. Twisted Mohawk

The mohawk is a style staple for many curly girls, but the twisted version is perfect for the girl that wants a little more attitude in her protective style. Learn how to create this twisted twist on a modern look right here.

7. Cornrow Bun

The cornrow look is a style staple for summer since it allows for maximum protection of precious strands. With the cornrow bun, turn the protection up a notch while still looking beautiful and stylish.

What's your favorite style to wear to the beach?