Summer is fastly approaching and it’s time to explore protective style options for our delicate curls.

Fran, Nikki, and Devri show you 3 ways to style your favorite headwrap on 3 different lengths of curly hair (featuring The Wrap Life“>.

#1 – The Bow

our Graphic Designer, Fran (@somegirlfromtexas“>

Using a mini butterfly clip, tie your hair up into a high ponytail with the ends loose (AKA pineapple”>. Fold the width of your headwrap in half. Wrap the headwrap around the back of your head and tie a knot in the front where your loose hair hangs. Tie a huge bow in the front.

#2- The Top Knot

our Video Manager, Nikki (@nchanel“>

Put your hair in a high bun. Cover your entire head with the headwrap and tie a knot in the front. Braid the 2 loose ends of the headwrap, twist the knot up and tuck it into another part of the wrap to secure.

#3- The Twisted Crown

our Content Editor, Devri (@devrivelazquez“>

Tie hair into a low pony with the ends loose. Place your headwrap over your head like a veil; tie in the back. With the 2 loose ends, twist and twirl up to the front of your head next to each other. Tuck both ends of the wrap to secure.

Watch the video!

Editor’s note: This video is not sponsored.