There are some curlies who like to master a go-to look that they can reliably return to each morning. Then there are the curlies who love to transform their look with versatile styles and techniques. NaturallyCurly Editor Devri Velazquez is one of the latter. Every week she is wowing the office with a gorgeous new style and this week was no different.

When we received Faux Locs by Devri was excited to try temporary dreadlock extensions that could look realistic. A representative from Khinky instructed Devri’s stylist on the best installation technique for her hair (she used the crochet method”>. 

The synthetic fibers of the hair are extra light weight, making them perfect for protective styling.

What did Devri think of the faux locs?

“Even though it was synthetic hair, it still looked like human hair to me. I loved the hair, I loved that they customized it to look like my hairtype. The faux locs are inexpensive even though they look expensive, so I’d say they’re high quality, which is a big deal to me. That alone would be enough to sell me on trying these.

I’m going to reuse these faux locs over and over.”

If you’d like to try these Temporary Faux Locs for yourself, you can purchase them at

Update to post: The giveaway associated with this post ended on February 27, 2016.

This post is sponsored by Khinky.


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