Real Texture Talk: Natasha Piette

2012-07-05 09:54:16

Real Texture Talk: Natasha Piette

Natasha talks about embracing her natural curls.

NC: What about your hair stylists?

NP: I’ve rarely been to the hair stylist since starting university. If I do, it’s usually no more than twice a year for either a trim or styling for a special occasion. Preferably my stylists will have experience with thick, textured curly hair and will know how to treat it and make it smooth. I’m not too picky.

NC: What are you favorite hair styles to wear with your curls?

NP: I like to have two small '70s style braids clipped to each side of my head, to relieve some of the poof of my hair. There’s also nothing like leaving my curly locks untouched and out in the open on a good hair day.

NC: What are your must-have products?

NP: A must-have is any sort of cream that will reduce frizz and produce shine. I never stick with the same product once I’ve finished it off. Right now I’m using Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner and I follow up with their Hydrating Styling Cream. So far, the products I’ve been using are great for helping with the coarse texture of my hair and leaving it relatively smooth. However, sometimes I feel that my curls are slightly lifeless and need a bit of a boost and bounce to keep them lively!

NC: What reaction did you get when you first decided to go natural?

NP: I was pleasantly surprised! I had forgotten what my real hair was like and I instantly felt more unique. It was a sudden appreciation of being natural. I felt like a flower that was just beginning to bloom!

NC: Did you big chop or transition?

NP: I had a gradual transition. I waited for about a year for the chemicals to fade away as my hair grew out. Waiting to officially be back to natural often caused some frustrations. My hair would be extremely curly at the roots and then the rest of my hair downward would be straight. Sometimes I just wanted to cut it all off and start from scratch, but I toughed it out. For me, it’s going to be curly for life! I’m never going back to the chemicals.

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