Real Texture Talk: VIC Sherene Roach

2012-06-21 11:10:11

Real Texture Talk: VIC Sherene Roach

Meet Sherene Roach, a Very Important Curly from the 2012 NatuallyCurly Pool Party.

Sherene after being styled by Monica "Queen" Carruthers of U R Curly.
Sherene after being styled by Monica "Queen" Carruthers of U R Curly.

NC: How and when did you start embracing your curls or have you always enjoyed and embraced your curls?

SR: I only recently started embracing my curls, because before, I was unable to style and care for my natural hair properly.

NC: What is your current routine or regimen?

SR: I wash and condition my hair weekly. Then I twist it and let it air dry. To twist, I use Design Essentials Natural Defining Cream Gel or Natural Curl Stretching Cream. Because I like the feel and look that I got from using U R Curly Tight Curl Enhancer, I will be using that product as well. I also apply a daily conditioner (I use Design Essentials Natural Daily Moisturizing Lotion) and I see my stylist for deep conditioning and styling.

NC: What are your favorite hair styles to wear with your curls?

SR: Twists.

NC: What are your must-have products and tools?

SR: The Design Essentials Natural line, the U R Curly line and the PhytoSpecific line.

NC: What is the best thing about being curly?

SR: Being unique and feeling good about how you look.

NC: What impact has going natural had on your life?

SR: At first, I thought that it was going to be a big deal but it wasn't. Going natural actually boosted my confidence.

NC: What would you tell others to encourage them to embrace their curls?

SR: Be patient and know that with proper care, your hair will be glorious.

NC: Tell us about your life and what you are up to!

SR: I currently work in a pediatric office and I am planning to attend school for Oriental medicine.

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Oh man, the stories our hair has to tell. Thanks for sharing your story!