Sa Rah Shine

NaturallyCurly: Please, introduce yourself!

Sa Rah Shine: My name is Sa Rah Shine and I'm 21 years old. I'm a young, French adult living in Geneva, Switzerland. My parents were born in North Africa.

NC: Tell us about your natural hair journey. Have you always worn it natural, and when and why did you decide to start wearing it natural?

SRS: I've always worn my natural hair, but when I was younger I tried to hide my volume, and sometimes I straightened it. My mum loves my hair and she helped me to accept my hair. I learned to accept my frizzy hair in a world where straight hair governs, especially when your own sister has dark straight hair!  I'm the only one in my family with my type of hair. The last person who had the same texture was my father's grandma. I decided to start wearing my natural hair proudly when I understood that my hair is a part of me and my personality. It makes me, ME.

NC: Were you a long-term or short-term transitioner? Did you do any big chops?

SRS: I rejected my hair a little when I was younger. I went natural two years ago because I realized that I love my hair. Then, I did my big shop a year ago. This is me, my personality, my heritage, my roots. Now when I walk down the street people are surprised. They say, “Is that really your hair?” or “Can I touch it?!”

NC: How did your friends and family react to the decision to go natural?

SRS: My family and friends loved my hair! They were sure that I had made the right choice. I had more doubts than them! They were very supportive of my decision even during my big chop! My hair was so short.

Sa Rah Shine

NC: What is your current hair care routine?

SRS: I always use DOP for frizzy & dry hair: the shampoo, the after-shampoo (conditioner), and when I think it’s necessary, I do a mask. I comb my hair while its wet and then I wet it again. I give it time for the curls to set and then I blow-dry lightly (3 or 4 times a week).

NC: What are your favorite products?

SRS: Sometimes I use olive oil or argan oil. These are the most famous Arabic products.You can apply it in your hair for a few hours or overnight. When I use a lot of products, my hair acts up — maybe because it’s so fine.

NC: What are your favorite go-to natural hairstyles?

SRS: When I go to school, to the club, or to a wedding I have always the same hairstyle — a fro! It's more practical in the morning, LOL.

NC: Talk to us about that color! It is amazing! How do you get it? Is it natural? Details please!

SRS: During all my childhood I have been blond. Most of my cousins (from my father's family) are blond with blue or green eyes. I got the hair color, but I would like to have the green eyes too! LOL! Sometimes, during the winter my hair looks darker, so I do some blond highlights. During the summer my hair is naturally lighter.

NC: How does your natural hair play a part in your professional modeling career?

SRS: My natural hair plays the biggest part in my professional modeling career. Each model has their own charm, a unique characteristic. For me it's my special blonde afro.

NC: Has anyone ever asked you to straighten it for a shoot or have you been turned down because of your curls?

SRS: No one has never asked me to straighten my hair for a shoot. If someone asked me to straighten my hair it would mean that they like my face, but not my hair. I have not been turned down yet because of my curls.

NC: Working in the fashion and modeling industry, what are your views on how major fashion publications and runway shows view natural hair?

SRS: I think curls have never been out of fashion. Big curly hair looks as fierce, sexy and glamourous as straight hair, but we don't see enough famous models with this kind of hair walking the runway.

Sa Rah Shine

NC: Any particular trends in natural hairstyles that we should know about for this year?

SRS: The Crochet Braid is my discovery of the year  and the color red is fab!

NC: You are obviously a huge fan of natural hair, and you promote it a lot on your Facebook page. How big of a part do you think the natural hair community plays in helping others to embrace their natural hair, and their natural beauty?

SRS: The natural hair community plays the most important part in helping others to embrace their natural hair, and their beauty because in the past and up to now society has pushed people to relax our curls!

NC: Who are your personal natural hair idols?

SRS:I don't really have personal natural hair idol, except one of my friends.

NC: Do you have any tips or tricks for women with natural hair as far as styling, fighting frizz, retaining length, etc?

SRS:Don't use rubber bands to tie your hair, and wash your hair when needed, but not everyday.  Take time to cut your hair regularly.  And just a note: Girls, don’t change your shampoo every week because the pH is different in each shampoo.

NC: Do you have any advice for women looking to go natural?

SRS: Just do it. Go ahead !

NC: What about following your passion and embracing what you are good at, which is very much what you have done. Do you have any advice for women thinking about taking the plunge? Anything they should know beforehand?

SRS:If you like to do something, or you think you can make a change, just do it. If you never try, you'll never know. You shouldn't regret what you did, but what you did not do!

NC: Anything else you would like to add?

SRS: I think everybody is naturally beautiful! We just have to learn to appreciate what makes us different and unique. Our hair is a gift for the world, from God! Accept what you have been given from God and wear it proudly!

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