My name is Jareena Lumpkin, I’m 20 years old, and I stay in the Bay Area.

I’m a full time student at Los Medanos Community College in Pittsburg, CA. and I work part time as a hostess at Red Robin. I’m going to school for nursing, but right now I’m finishing up my General Ed (lower division) classes. I plan on transferring to a California State college nursing program after.

Liberation & Confidence

I would describe my personal style as versatile. I pretty much like to wear anything that I think I can pull off, or feel confident in. When it comes to my personal hairstyle, I’m all about natural hair. I am completely obsessed with curls and when I decided to finally take care of my own it gave me such liberation and confidence. I really let Roz (which is the name I gave my hair haha) do her thing because I love the big, wild, with some frizz kind of look.
It all began with my no heat challenge that I began in September 2013.

I’ve been wearing my hair curly for a little over a year now. It all began with my no heat challenge that I began in September 2013. I finally realized if I showed my hair some love, it would love me right back!

A few of my faves (products and salons)

My favorite products right now are DevaCurl One Condition, Miss Jessie’s Jelly Soft Curls, and Coconut Oil.
Getting my hair as bright and healthy looking as it looks now has been the product of two deva cuts, three different color appointments, deep conditioning, and of course co-washing.  I first colored my hair around August of 2013 and it was a blonde ombre. I colored it again, a red color, around February of this year, which faded into a copper color. Both of those color jobs were done at Wild Orchids Salon in Antioch, California. Then my most recent color appointment was in October of this year and it’s a blend of Pink, Red, and Purple and it was done at Madu Salon in San Francisco. Both of my Deva cuts were also done at Madu Salon, one at the beginning of the year in February, and then a touch up the same time I colored my hair in October. I try my best to deep condition once every two weeks, and cowash my hair once a week. I only use shampoo once a month just to get that extra deep cleaning of my scalp, and I use the tee tree tingling shampoo from Trader Joe's to do so.

Deciding if you want to rock your natural curls?

You totally won’t regret it, it takes some time and some patience but the results are so worth it. If you can’t let go of your heat completely like I have, try only using your flat iron for special occasions like your birthday and New Year's. Starting off only using heat a few times a year is a good way to begin your hair journey to beautiful curls. Remember the more you love your hair, the more it will love you back!

You can follow me at my personal IG: @gurlwiththecurls I’m also working on launching my own YouTube channel dedicated to natural hair, so you can subscribe to ObsessedWithCurls and be on the look out for some videos on how to start your own natural hair journey, tutorials, and even a little poetry.

I have an ig connected to that channel that you can also follow @obsessedwithcurls, a twitter @obsessedwcurls, and a facebook at