Hair spray. Two words that may ignite distant memories of sticky residue and crunchy, stiff hair. The images of 80s style hairstyles and large updos that are held together by this magical spray that will leave it sturdy and in place for hours are outdated perceptions that often accompany the use of hairspray. In the years since, hairspray is experiencing a resurgence that has changed how it interacts with hair. Hairsprays that simply hold your hairstyle are a notion of yesteryears and instead have changed their formula to help protect your hair from humidity, provide a flexible hold, and give you a shiny, manageable style.

So when did the hairspray revolution take a turn for the better? It made a quick pivot and turn after people realized that the traditional aerosol formula that most hairsprays in the 90s were causing harm and damage to our ozone layer. People wanted a hair spray that was not only environmentally friendly but could offer more versatility when styling your hair. Non-aerosol hair sprays are better for curls because they offer more hold and control for your curls versus the sticky texture and fine mist of aerosol formulas. Today’s hairspray can be used as a moisturizing agent that can help fight humidity, definition, and give curls a flexible hold.

Here’s a roundup of hair sprays that are changing the curly game!

1. Bounce Curl Alcohol Free Hair Spray

5 Hairsprays Women with Curly Hair Rave About

Alcohol free is the way to be when you are using a hairspray. Our 2020 Best of the Best hairspray winner is formulated with natural ingredients that is void of silicones, parabens,and sulfates. It is especially designed to combat the humidity of summer with a medium to strong hold for any curl type. A few spritzes with an ultra fine mist and your will be on your way to a long lasting style you will love.

2. Pantene Pro-V Level 2 Ultra Lightweight Airspray Hairspray

5 Hairsprays Women with Curly Hair Rave About

Our 2020 Best of the Best hairspray winner is alcohol-free and provides an ultra-lightweight hold for any curly style you are rocking. As part of the Pantene gold standard series it is formulated to make curls moisturized, healthy, and silky soft. The “level 2” categorization also means you can create styles that will have a flexible hold to last throughout the day!

3. Morrocanoil Luminous Hairspray Strong

5 Hairsprays Women with Curly Hair Rave About

There’s nothing like an added dose of oil to keep your curls shining all day long. The Morrocanoil hairspray is infused with argan oil to fight frizz and humidity even on the hottest day. Whether you’re creating an updo or braids this hairspray is designed to give you a flexible hold without any flaky residue.

4. Ouidad Curl-Last Flexible Hold HairSpray

5 Hairsprays Women with Curly Hair Rave About

Nothing is better than a hairspray specially created to keep curls bouncing all day long. The Ouidad hairspray works as a finishing spray that you can layer with other products without creating any buildup or flaking. The hydrolyzed oat protein and sunflower oil blend together to give you a healthy and unstoppable shine that your curls will love.

5. Curly Hair Solution Curl Keeper Tweek

5 Hairsprays Women with Curly Hair Rave About

This is the first ever hairspray that comes in a cream form for curly hair. “Tweek” allows you to put the bounce back in your hair without any drying alcohols or silicones. It works like a hairspray by restoring curls and helping control the static of flyaway hair. This one of a kind product is the first of it’s kind but still provides your curls with all the health benefits of a regular hairspray.

Whether you’re using a hairspray to fight your frizz or looking to add a little shine to your curls, you always want to make sure you’re selecting a product that is alcohol free and formulated to give your hair more than just a stiff hold. Using hairspray is also a great way to maintain your on-the-go style. What are some of your favorite hairsprays? Let us know in the comments below.