We’re walking into 2022 ready to conquer our hair routines, explore new trends, and maintain our hair health. We recently announced our Best of the Best winners which were exclusively chosen by you and that means it’s time to put your favorite products to the test. As we’re still developing our hair regimes and testing out new hair products, it’s only fair that we start with a dynamite winner that has captured the attention of stylists and naturalistas everywhere for it’s superb repairing and strengthening properties that can truly bring balance to even the most damaged curls. Keep scrolling as we review the coveted and celebrated Olaplex No.3 which won the “Best Treatment” for Curly Type 3 hair!


Problem: Color is Hard On The Hair

I’m an agent of color. For the past few yeåars I’ve been aiming for “Golden Barbie” blonde courtesy of Jasmine Saunders. Yes, I have been stripping, dyeing, and coloring my curls to the brightest shade of blonde I can get. I know, the hair Gods are not happy with me. Most recently I’ve placed a semi-permanent red dye on my hair since I plan to transition into darker colors for 2022. Color is hard on any hair type, but especially on curls because it can change your texture, create breakage, and increase the number of dry strands in your curls. While I’ve been lucky to get my hair professionally colored to minimize the damage, it doesn’t mean I don’t have to do my part at home to keep my hair healthy. I’ve had two different stylists (Rae and Georgia) and work on my curls over the past three years and they both have recommend the same at home treatment to maintain my hair pigment and prevent my curls from looking busted from the bleach…Olaplex No.3.

Solution: Olaplex No.3

Olaplex No.3 is a tiny little bottle that can produce big results for visibly damaged and compromised hair. If you’ve ever gotten your hair colored at the salon, you’ll often hear your stylist recommend an Olaplex treatment in house as they are creating your color. Olaplex #3 can help to restore the appearance of damaged hair and improve the overall texture because it works on a molecular level to repair broken bonds in your hair. For people like me who bleach their curls, we’re indirectly ruining our hair bonds because of the intense effect stripping our hair color can have on our cuticles. Unlike a deep conditioner or masque treatment, Olaplex #3 is scientifically designed to improve the look and feel of your hair which can be caused by chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage.

My Olaplex No.3 Review

I always use Olaplex No.3 as part of my wash day routine because it is applied prior to shampooing and requires a minimum of 10 minutes to absorb into your curls, so you need some time to incorporate this into your weekly hair regimen. It’s not a styling product and does not need to be combined with other products so allotting time to wash it out is important even if you don’t want to do your treatments on wash day.

I recommend using a plastic cap or heat cap (similar to deep conditioning) to help prevent it from running down your face or onto your clothes. If you want to clip and pile your curls on top of your head or braid it, those are good alternatives as well when you don’t have a cap handy.

A little goes a long way with this product because it has a runnier texture and a lot of slip, so it’s easier to massage and comb into your strands. It has a neutral smell that reminds me of a product applied in a salon but it’s not overwhelming or overpowering if you're sensitive to fragrances.

I usually start with applying it in the shower and use a wide tooth comb to completely cover my head. I like to use my hands to individually coat every strand and give extra attention to my ends since those tend to frizz up faster and have the most damage. 

Once you're done coating your hair, place your cap or bonnet on top and start a timer. I hate waiting in the shower 10+ minutes so I usually throw on a robe and will do a quick chore like putting away clothes or washing the dishes while I wait. 

After your 10+ minutes are up, it’s time to remove the cap or bonnet and prepare to wash it out and then shampoo. You will instantly see the transformation in your curls and see definition and hydration. My hair feels softer, my roots often look healthier versus dry, and overall helps to maintain my hair health while I have color. While I know my curls aren’t as naturally healthy as they would be sans color, this has helped prevent extreme damage and breakage over the past three years. I always check with my stylists before we reapply any new color and I am always relieved they are happy with my hair texture and pattern. I know the Olaplex treatments are a big factor in this because prior to using them, I saw a big difference in my hair after I colored it.

If you have colored curls or deeply damaged hair, this is a must-have treatment to include in your routine. It retails around $30-$35 a bottle and can be purchased online or in beauty stores like Sephora and Ulta. It recommends doing treatments 1-3x a week based on your individual preference. I personally do 1x a week and can make 1 bottle last a month. 

Let us know in the comments if you’ve ever used Olaplex and how you like it so far!