Have you ever noticed that the texture of your new growth is different from your older hair, even if you’re not transitioning? That’s right, real growth is usually something you can feel!

But what if you’re feeling that new texture on a regular basis, and you’re not gaining inches, even when you stretch your coils?

That’s a sign that you’re undergoing breakage.

There’s no way to glue your ends back to your remaining strands unfortunately, but you do have the power to stop breakage from happening, and to get the healthy hair you deserve!

Breakage prevention starts at the cleansing stage

How to Prevent Breakage with Lusters Pink Shea Butter Collection

Washdays require you to treat your hair just like you’d raise a child—gently, but firmly. Cleansing can take a lot out of your curls if you don’t strike the right balance, and an imbalance can lead to unnecessary breakage. Our Moisturizing Shampoo will suds up without sulfates, and leave curls both cleansed and moisturized.

Of course sometimes, your curls just need a little more love!

Need an extra washday moisture boost?

How to Prevent Breakage with Lusters Pink Shea Butter Collection

If you recognize that your hair is extra dry and damaged, or if you’re planning on using heat tools later, the Coconut Cleansing Conditioner can stop breakage in its tracks by providing extra slippage and moisture. Easy detangling and extra moisture mean your curls will keep their shape and stay put!

Where does conditioning fit in?

Slip. Slip. Slip.

If you’re finishing your wash routine with a conditioner that can’t keep up with your shower comb, all your hard work in the cleansing stage is literally going to go down the drain.

Keep those ends happy with our buttery Pink Shea Smoothing Conditioner. The best part? This conditioner even protects hair that’s been color treated with Luster’s exclusive Color-Save Protection™ formula!

Now, we need to talk style.

How to Prevent Breakage with Lusters Pink Shea Butter Collection

Image: Rochelle Brock for Getty Images

All hair manipulation carries the potential for breakage by default! That’s why you need to keep your hands out of it as much as possible. But how do you keep your curls safe and styled at the same time?

You have to keep up with those emollients.

If you’re rocking a wash n’ go, our rich Curl & Twist Pudding will provide lustrous definition once you’re ready to unbraid, detwist, or loosen out Bantu knots.

Looking for more a distinguished hold with less heat required to set your look? Try our glycerin-rich Super Moisturizing Curl Definer with your roller sets, and dry naturally. Glycerin is a gentle ingredient that literally pulls moisture from your surroundings and deposits it right where your curls need it most…everywhere!

How to Prevent Breakage with Lusters Pink Shea Butter Collection


You can’t forget those edges though! Baby hairs need babying. Use our Smooth & Hold Edge Gel to hold them down—no flakes, no breaks, no mistakes.

What about everyday maintenance?

Coarse coils and curls need proper upkeep to make sure they’re moisturized on a daily basis. But depending on your hair’s porosity, the humidity levels of your personal environment, and how often you heat-style, color, or comb, your curls could have entirely different needs.

How to Prevent Breakage with Lusters Pink Shea Butter Collection

Image: Rochelle Brock for Getty Images

If you use a formula that’s not rich enough for you, your hair’s not going to get what it needs, leading to breaks. If you use products that are too heavy, you’re going to get build up, you’re going to need to cleanse and manipulate your hair more than it really needs, and that leads to breakage as well.

Take the time to assess your hair needs, and once the results are in? Use our lightweight Moisturizing Hair Milk if you need your curls to stay unencumbered, yet healthy. But if you’re looking for something with a little more thickness, try our Coconut Oil Leave-in Conditioner.

Our Pink Shea Butter Collection was formulated especially for coilies whose potential is being limited by lack of proper moisturization. Ditch the dryness, and get your locks the protection they deserve!

I want to hear about your #hairgoals! Tell me about your bumps with breakage and how you got past them here, and on Instagram @resabluster!