We’re very excited to be hitting up our favorite stores as we’re Christmas shopping, which means it’s time to head to Target. Target has become a staple of our daily lives whether you’re looking for cute decorations, stylish outfits, or glamming it up in the beauty aisle. We’re seeing more and more legendary curl brands on the shelves of Target stores which means this is a great place to knock out your curly girl gifts. Whether you are looking for gift sets or gifting a friend with a new product, here are the curly girl must-haves to shop for gifts at Target. 


  1. Mielle Soothing Scalp Wash Day Duo Gift Set

Mielle Organics is bringing the holiday cheer this season with their holiday kit ($14.99) that brings together the ultimate wash day duo. Their oats and honey formula is specifically designed for sensitive scalps, helps eliminate dryness, and provides maximum hydration for the ultimate wash day. You can shop the kit online or in stores today!


  1. Rizos Curls Light Hold Gel

Rizos Curls is a Latinx brand that has been blazing the curly circuit all year with fresh formulas and vibrant packaging that grabs your attention. The light hold gel ($19.99) is made with ingredients like aloe vera, flaxseed, thyme, and helps to achieve the ultimate hold without the crunch or flaking. As one of their newest 2022 products, it’s a must-have item for your curly girl arsenal.


  1. Be Rooted Notebook Gift Set for the Fitness Lover

Be Rooted has made waves in the stationary and paper space for their innovative, diverse, and inclusive design that puts women of color front and center. For the holidays they debuted several amazing holiday sets to help empower, inspire, and invigorate your goals. Whether you’re looking to kickstart your 2023 with a focus on fitness ($14.99) or working on your green thumb, they feature a wide range of designs and options to inspire the women in your circle.


  1. CURLS Blueberry Bliss Control Jelly

CURLS is coming through with their iconic Blueberry Bliss collection that is in full stock at Target. Their control jelly ($17.99) is here to help defrizz, define your curls, and help refresh your curls between wash day. The entire collection is designed to help repair, restore, and condition overworked curls! Each product included within the collection is carefully formulated with certified organic blueberry extract, coconut oil, and aloe leaf juice. 


  1. Mixed Chicks Curl Sculptor

Bounce into the holiday season with Mixed Chicks! Their Curl Sculptor ($9.99) is a mainstay in their collection for its ability to elongate, moisturize, and fast drying abilities for textured hair. It’s fortified with B5 vitamins to help nourish the hair and can be used across a variety of textures. If you like products that are lightweight and can be used with a rod or roller sets, this multi-faceted product is great.


  1. The Doux Mousse Def Texture Foam

The Doux is keeping your curls fresh to death this season. This dual-use mousse ($14.99) provides the perfect amount of hold to define your curls or control your sleek look. The Doux Mousse Def Texture Foam gives definition, shine, and volume to every hair type and curl pattern. 


  1. Kaleidoscope Miracle Drops

We can all use a little miracle to help replenish and moisturize our hair from time to time. The Kaleidoscope Miracle Drops ($19.99) works hair and scalp oil is filled with essential oils to combat dry scalp, aid in hair growth, and offers a lightweight shine to hair. They are infused with cooling peppermint to enhance blood circulation and tea tree oil helps to cleanse the scalp and combat dryness. 


  1. SheaMoisture Curl & Shine Shampoo + Conditioner Infused with Coconut & Hibiscus Hair Kit

This is a holiday bundle you just cannot miss. Three amazing products ($19.99) to help cleanse your scalp, define your curls, and reduce frizz. Shea Moisture brings together the hydrating ingredients of silk protein, shea butter, coconut oil, and hibiscus extract to improve and strengthen your curly hair routine.


  1. Carol's Daughter Goddess Strength Hair Care Gift Set Shampoo + Hair Mask 

We can all use a little extra TLC during the season when life slows down a bit more than usual. If you’ve been in need of a kit ($14.99) to help repair weak and damaged hair, this is a gift you want to buy. Carol’s Daughter includes a sulfate free shampoo and hair mask to help improve breakage-prone hair.


  1. Tgin Rose Water Shampoo and Conditioner

We love a great wash day duo that we can carry and pack in such a cute case. Tgin is giving you the best of both worlds with their sulfate-free rose water shampoo and conditioner ($19.99) that is sure to liven up your wash day. If you have low porosity hair and are looking for products that are gentle and hydrating, then this duo is a fantastic gift to take with you in 2023.