These are the most-read articles we published on NaturallyCurly this year. From new takes on nostalgic hairstyles to must-see transformations and the latest in anti-humidity technology, we always strive to support this community in every step of your curly hair journeys. 

![cornrow-hairstyle-3]NaturallyCurlys Most-Read Stories of 2022

15 Cornrow Styles to Show Your Braider For Your Next Look

These nostalgic braids were super popular and just as culturally relevant now as they were in our childhood–and in the many generations before us. Find your next look here. 

![hair-growth]NaturallyCurlys Most-Read Stories of 2022

Does the Mielle Rosemary Mint Scalp Oil Live Up to the Hype?

This viral hair growth oil was the talk of TikTok – but is it worth the hype? Read on to find out. 

![short-curly-hair]NaturallyCurlys Most-Read Stories of 2022

15 Short Haircut Ideas for Type 3 Curls

This was the year many of you went short! And you were looking for short haircut inspiration on natural curls. We delivered. 

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20 Silicone Free Curl Styling Products

Combing through product labels for silicones can be time-consuming and confusings so we rounded up a handy list for you. Find your next silicone-free styler here. 

![gypsy-braids]NaturallyCurlys Most-Read Stories of 2022

15 of The Best Braided Styles of 2022

The combination of classic braid styles with splashes of new trends and creativity means there’s no end to the innovative braided styles. Here are some of the best we saw this year.

![sophie-marie-curly-transformation-10]NaturallyCurlys Most-Read Stories of 2022

Sophie-Marie’s Curly Girl Method Transformation

We love a good curly hair transformation, and these before and afters are a must-see.

![frizz-fighting-curl-productsname-700×700-3]NaturallyCurlys Most-Read Stories of 2022

26 Frizz Fighting Products to Try in 2022

This year we saw a number of new product offerings that leverage the latest technology to keep your curls bouncy and defined, even in the most humid weather. Find the latest frizz fighters here. 

![hairstory-new-wash]NaturallyCurlys Most-Read Stories of 2022

Have Low Porosity Hair? These Cleansers are for You

Curl pattern is helpful to know but it’s your porosity level that will really impact your product regimen. Low porosity comes with its own unique challenges, and these cleansers will help you master them.

![chunky-braids-7]NaturallyCurlys Most-Read Stories of 2022

13 Styles That Will Convince You to Try Chunkier Braids

The install time for these chunky braided styles can be a lot less than traditional box braids or cornrows, and there’s no sign of this trend waning. These styles will convince you.

![protective-style-zoe-foster]NaturallyCurlys Most-Read Stories of 2022

8 Protective Styles That Are Gentler Than Box Braids and Passion Twists

If tender edges and a sore scalp caused by protective styling sounds familiar to you, it may be time to try something gentler.

![wet-plop-curly-hair]NaturallyCurlys Most-Read Stories of 2022

If Plopping Doesn’t Work, Try Micro-Plopping

Everyone says curly hair involves trial and error – and we love to help you with both. If the popular plopping technique isn’t for you, here is an alternative. 

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