Creme of Nature is popping into 2022 with a brand new collection called the Pure Honey Hair Food collection that is serving up 7 new products to get your hair flowing this summer. This collection is designed and formulated with honey to help improve hair and scalp help while focusing on moisture retention. Each set of products within the line aim to tackle a different hair issue and overall aim to soften, strengthen, and smooth any hair texture. They are formulated with unique blends of pure honey, natural coconut oil, and shea butter with natural ingredients like avocado oil, banana extract, and superfoods like acai berry. These products focus on using DIY ingredients that have been a hallmark of haircare to help correct and prevent hair problems. If you have damaged or weak hair this collection aims to assist with strength and length retention.

About My Hair:

This collection was very exciting for me because of all the natural and repairative ingredients used to help strengthen the hair. I’ve been honest about my damaged hair from 3 years of bleaching and 2022 has been the year of me looking to restore my curls. While my curls have repaired some, I could still use alot TLC on moisture, hydration, and definition. In addition I’m on a quest to grow it back out after chopping it off a year ago and haven’t broken the shoulder length barrier yet.

First Pairing: Strengthening Sulfate-Free Cleanser and Curl Creator Pudding

![creme-of-nature-pure-honeyname 700×700 3]Product Review Creme of Natures Pure Honey Hair Food Collection

First up I tried the Pure Delight Sulfate-Free Cleanser (12 oz”> ($6.48“> and Curl Creator Pudding (11.5 oz”> ($7.48“> which smelled heavenly. The products are infused with banana extract and help to moisturize over processed and damaged hair. They work to provide moisture, shine, and smoothness that assists with breakage while helping improve the softness.

![creme-of-nature-product-review-6]Product Review Creme of Natures Pure Honey Hair Food Collection

![creme-of-nature-product-review-5]Product Review Creme of Natures Pure Honey Hair Food Collection

The sulfate-cleanser was pretty mild without much later and had the consistency of water so this was a bit hard to get really massaged into my hair. It honestly didn’t feel like much of a cleanser because it was so watery. Afterwards I applied the pudding which had a thick and creamy consistency and wasn’t heavy at all. Pudding doesn’t always work well with my hair because it’s so heavy so I was very happy this was light and moisturizing. I surprisingly thought I would be smelling like a banana after these products but overall it was a light fragrance that wasn’t overwhelming. 

![creme-of-nature-product-review-4]Product Review Creme of Natures Pure Honey Hair Food Collection

The final result was a soft and loose curl that was able to withstand the Texas heat. I would have preferred more definition and less softness, but overall this wasn’t a bad combo. They weren’t my favorites from the bunch and I would probably use these more for prep for a protective style versus a wash and go.

Second Pairing: The Acai Berry Damage Prevention

![creme-of-nature-pure-honeyname 700×700 2]Product Review Creme of Natures Pure Honey Hair Food Collection

The next treatment was the Damage Prevention Hair Mask (1.7 oz”> ($2.98″> 24-Hour Nourishing Cream Oil (4.7 oz”> ($6.98″> and Damage Prevention Leave In-Treatment (8 oz”> ($6.98“>. These products are infused with natural acai berry extract and are meant to target damage and breakage-prone strands. It prevents breakage for healthy-looking hair.

![creme-of-nature-product-review-3]Product Review Creme of Natures Pure Honey Hair Food Collection

![creme-of-nature-product-review-2]Product Review Creme of Natures Pure Honey Hair Food Collection

I used these after my wash and was pretty surprised at the consistency of the leave-in treatment. It’s not often I’m spraying purple product into my hair, but it was blended into my curls relatively easy. I think this works better as a treatment and not used for wash and gos because I didn’t get really good results from the leave-in itself. My hair was soft and I had to apply other products to reduce the frizz. I’d be more interested to use this product over a longer period of time and evaluate how my curls improve. The nourishing cream oil was very moisturizing and I saw the most immediate results from using it in the morning.

Third Pairing: Honey Avocado Smooth and Frizz Control

![creme-of-nature-pure-honeyname 700×700 1]Product Review Creme of Natures Pure Honey Hair Food Collection

These products come with a Smoothing and Frizz Control Styling Mousse (7 oz”> ($6.72″> and Smoothing and Frizz Control Curl Defining Cream (11.5 oz”> ($7.48″> that are infused with avocado extract. These products have a hydrating formula that targets dry, rough and frizz-prone hair by providing nourishing moisture, shine, and smoothness.

![creme-of-nature-product-review-1]Product Review Creme of Natures Pure Honey Hair Food Collection

These were my favorites of the entire line because they smelled amazing and added alot of nourishment to my hair. The mousse was a creamy consistency and was a lifesaver during a hot day out in Austin. My curls were frizz-free, defined, and almost back to full wash day bounce! The cream was lightweight and hydrating without being overly greasy and complemented the mousse in a great way.

Which products do you plan to try from this line? Let us know in the comments below!