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Oiling the scalp is quite nostalgic for me. It reminds me of when I used to sit between my mother's legs and she would rub oil into my parts. It felt funny and so satisfying at the same time. Here are three reasons our family still oils our scalps today.

Oils Promote & Maintain A Healthy Scalp

Our youngest allegedly developed "cradle cap" when she was an infant (I say allegedly because I'm not fully convinced that's what it was). I knew her scalp needed some natural ingredients to promote self-healing. After massaging olive oil into her crown, the "cradle cap" cleared up. Our now two year-old has the most beautiful head of hair and no scalp problems.

Neither I nor our five year-old daughter ever had scalp issues. Yet, we still use oil to maintain healthy heads of hair.

Oils Create A Beautiful Shine

After oiling their scalps, I brush their strands to bring the oil all the way down to the ends. This leaves their tresses soft and shiny. I prefer to use oils over leave-ins, creams or any other products, mainly because it is a simple and natural ingredient that enhances our curls.

Oils Coat The Strands

The oil seems to protect their precious curls from dryness, knots and breakage. I use a very small amount of oil once or twice a week.

We do not use grease or petroleum on our scalps. Just oils. Olive oil, straight from our kitchen cabinet, is our household favorite. How do you feel about oiling the scalp? What oil(s) do you use?

Our editors weighed in on whether or not oiling their scalp is a part of their routines.

Kiana, Type 3c Curly

I do not regularly use oil on my scalp, but once a month I do a hair mask with avocado oil that I use all over my hair, but also on my scalp. Coconut oil is too heavy for my finer hair and can leave my hair feeling greasy even after shampooing. My DIY oil mask consists of about 2 tablespoons of avocado oil, and a couple drops of honey. I massage in into my scalp and distribute the rest throughout my hair, leaving it in for about an hour. I shampoo and condition again after.

Grace, Type 2a Wavy

I used a lot of oil on my scalp when I was transitioning from using a lot of sulphates/silicones/stripping products to going sulfate-free/more natural. My scalp was a hot mess, flaky but still kind of oily, and using oil as a treatment seemed to help balance it out and calm it down a little bit. I found that I could use it pre-shower and then after my shampoo my scalp was clean but not as dry and irritated as usual. I still do this if I notice my scalp getting dry - especially when the seasons are changing. I don't have to do it as often now because I use products that aren't as harsh and use heat less often. My favorite oils are Darshana and argan oil. I've tried coconut, moroccan oil, etc. but those two are definitely my favorites!

Gerilyn, Type 4c Coily

Absolutely, I do oil my scalp! My scalp needs consistent moisture. The best way for me to maintain this is by applying hair oils that contain olive oil, neem, and nourishing emollients. I've tried coconut, argan, macadamia, grapeseed, and flaxseed oils, but of all these I am a fan of olive oil. A new oil I'd like to try is passion fruit. What works best is when I massage multi-oil formulas into my scalp. My go-to is Alikay Naturals Essential 17 Hair Growth Oil.

Cristina, Type 2c Wavy

Since I've cut down on shampooing I find that every now and then my scalp gets super itchy between washes. I know how harmful it can be to scratch, so when I really can't fight the urge I use an oil with tingling ingredients like tea tree and peppermint oils. I have a bottle of Mizani Scalp Care Oil on my desk at work, and

Devri, Type 3c Curly

Hair grease and a scalp oil are two different things. Grease contains petrolatum (mineral oil) which prevents moisture from entering. For some, it's also known to clog pores. I use the ingredient on my hands in the winter or on a fresh cut and tattoo due to the very reason I don't put it on my scalp. It literally suffocates the follicles, preventing healthy and normal hair growth.

I suggest mixing carrier oil with an essential oil to stimulate the scalp. Applying an essential oil directly onto the skin is strongly suggested against. My faves over the year have been peppermint oil (although it's a doozy for people with hypersensitive allergies), olive oil, jojoba, almond, rosemary and lemongrass, lavender.

Massage the scalp under the showerhead for about two minutes before shampooing for healthy and soothing results (also known as the "pre-poo"). I have been doing this for years and find that it has great aromatherapeutic qualities, too.

I also want to hear from you in the comments section. Do you oil your scalp?

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