Developed by UK-based Hair Flair Ltd, Curlformers is a patented curling tool used to create a variety of curls, from ringlet spirals to loose-barrel waves. Using noodle-shaped orange and pink “curlformers,” curls are formed inside rather than outside, as with conventional curlers, without the use of potentially damaging flat or curling irons.

“I love Curlformers because it gives my usually curly hair beautiful spirals that are so easy to manage,” wrote one NaturallyCurly member. “Curlformers has definitely made styling my hair a breeze with less frizz, and less tangled hair. Now I have the cutest curly ponytail.”

“Just a little hairspray and beautiful shiny curls!” said another curly. “I’m thrilled with my Curlformers!”

NaturallyCurly talked to the creators of Curlformers about the growing popularity of the tool.

NC: Curlformers have become a must-have for many curly girls, but were they originally developed for curly hair?

Curlformers: It was always our intention that Curlformers should have universal appeal. They were developed to help girls create flawless, smooth, spiral curls and waves regardless of hair type and texture and without having to apply the harsh heat of a styling iron.

One of the many great benefits of using Curlformers is that they’re kind to your hair. This makes them especially popular with curly girls because as you’re only too aware, naturally curly hair can often be fragile and susceptible to breakage, and subjecting it to damaging intense heat is a big no-no. The other reason they’re so popular with naturally curly girls is because they can transform a head of unruly frizz into defined, smooth curls.

NC: What are the different ways you’re seeing people use Curlformers, and how can you different looks be achieved with them?

Curlformers: For sure, they definitely have that universal appeal. They are being used by girls/women around the world and on all hair types and they can also be used on hair extensions, without risk of damaging the bonds.

The versatility of Curlformers means they can be used in so many different ways and to create a variety of looks. For example, if you have naturally curly long hair, you could use the Long and Wide Curlformers to coax your curls into smooth spirals or you could apply the Long and Extra Wide Curlformers to transform your curls into a loose wave, or beautiful barrel curls. We find that the Extra Long and Wide Curlformers are very popular with girls who have very long fairly straight hair and/or kinky hair and they use them to create long spiral curls one day, loose sexy waves the next or to just add texture. With a little experimenting, these different looks can be achieved quite simply. For example you can try applying them root-to-tip on a full head or just at random throughout your hair.

Or you might apply them part-way down the hair section, giving you curls and waves around the bottom. You can apply different width Curlformers (choose from narrow, wide and extra wide”> to create a more natural look or you can apply the same size and even the same color to create a uniform curl. Other factors include how you dress out the hair and whether you separate gently, pull your fingers through the curls to loosen or even brush through to leave you with body and soft waves. Then of course you can put your hair up or in a semi-updo, accessorize and have curls cascading down around your face. The choice is endless.

NC: What makes CurlFormers unique from other products on the market?

Curformers: The uniqueness is that Curlformers do the work for you, giving perfect curls every time. There is no burning, no wrapping, no weakened hair and no disappointments. We know from the feedback we get from girls who have tried every other gadget in the name of curls—there is nothing else like them! They use more of a traditional “wash and set” technique, which means the curls last longer than they do if you use a curling iron. The curl is formed on damp/freshly washed hair inside the Curlformer, which takes the fiddling and guess work away and does all the hard work for you. You don’t need pins, clips or anything to keep them in place—just that essential magic Styling Hook for application and then leave until hair is completely dry. They can be used in conjunction with your favorite products, and as they’re kind to your hair, you’ll find that you’ll save a fortune on repair treatments.

NC: Are you seeing a trend toward more straight-haired girls wanting curls?

Curlformers: Definitely. At the Royal Wedding in London last week, we had some of the UK’s top, award-winning stylists including Andrew Barton and the Royal Crimper himself—Richard Ward—talking about the return of the curl. Interviewed about Catherine Middleton’s style on Sky News, celebrity stylist Andrew Barton said it was evident that straightening irons have had their day! From the fashion catwalks of the world to Westminster Abbey, girls are being encouraged to embrace their natural texture and romantic curls and soft feminine waves are everywhere. Thanks to Catherine Middleton, this trend looks set to continue, and over the next few months she may yet be spotted going about her Royal duties in Curlformers!