BunDigital perms have been popular in Japan and Korea for years and can give you a permanent “just curled with the curling iron” look.

Kate Middleton’s luscious locks and to-die-for good looks only enhance her real-life fairy tale dream come true. And while her wedding dress may be out of your price range, you can dish out some cash for her soft, bouncy waves.

The princess’s look can be created with a digital perm. A digital perm is a massive move away from the perms of the 80s and uses temperature regulated hot rods to form the loose curl pattern.

This particular type of perm has been popular in Japan and Korea for years. Now, thanks to UK royalty, the loose lock look is jumping the big pond and swimming right up to Plymouth!

For those of us with super tight curls and kinks already, the digital perm isn’t something we may want to consider. Because the rods are hot, they must be kept away from the scalp in order to avoid burning it. Thus, only the ends of your hair receive the treatment leaving the top portion in the natural texture. A super tight to super loose curl pattern isn’t necessarily something we would recommend!

However, for those of your with type 2 waves that can often be unpredictable in their curl pattern, ranging from semi straight one day to almost perfect ringlets the next (if only you could bottle that day’s routine!”>, the treatment can be a wavy miracle. The overall look will be one that you can create by using a curling iron, but you won’t have to use one!

The digital perm will set your hair in to semi-permanent waves that will last up to six months! But beware: finer haired ladies may want to avoid the treatment since it has a tendency to fry thinner, less coarse strands.

Be sure to find a good salon with GREAT reviews before you head in and subject your hair to the chemicals and heat. Many a girl looking for more texture has had her hair fried because of salon with less experience. Most of the better digital perm salons are Japanese and Korean salons. If you have a Japanese or Korean area in your city, head over and start asking around. Chances are you’ll run into women who have had the treatment done themselves and can point you in the right direction. This is not a time you don’t want to ask around!

Want More?

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Final Thoughts

Use the Salon Finder and find a curl hair salon in your area that will show you how to make the best of your curls without chemically damaging it.

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