Japzilian Smoothing Treatment

The new Japzilian smoothing treatment from California comes from the Joseph Martin Salon in Beverly Hills.

In the late 1990s, the Japanese hair straightening technique emerged as a way to permanently straighten hair. This method of straightening is also known as Thermal Reconditioning, and it combines the use of chemicals and heat to re-texturize the hair. Then the Brazilian Keratin Treatment made its way into salons worldwide as a revolutionary treatment utilizing proteins to deep condition hair while also smoothing the texture. Hair straightening techniques continue to evolve today, but perhaps none as innovative as the new Japzilian treatment.

The Japzilian is an ingenious marriage between the Brazilian Keratin Treatment and the Japanese Hair Straightening system. Combining the most advantageous qualities of both treatments, the Japzilian strives to give better results than either treatment could alone. The treatment was concocted in the Joseph Martin Salon in Beverly Hills, where G-San, a stylist and Artistic Color Director for the Joseph Martin Salon, had the idea for the Japzilian. G-San is the salon's straightening expert, and has been styling hair for more than 14 years. The Japzilian is exclusively offered at the North Rodeo Drive location, where G-San works and has been whipping up the treatment for about eight months.

“Basically it’s a Japanese straight perm that is layered with keratin treatment. It gives fullness, body and shine to any type of hair—curly, fine, or ethnic,” says James Kendall, son of owner Joseph Kendall. Kendall has been styling hair for 25 years, and serves as the artistic director of the salon. Although the exact ingredients cannot be shared, Kendall assures that the treatment is simple. G-San has essentially combined his favorite Japanese straightening perm, Innosys, with his favorite keratin complex, Coppola.

“It’s a very interesting concept,” says Kendall, “He layers them on top of each other. And it only takes three and a half to four hours.” This is considerably shorter than the amount of time it takes to complete a Japanese straightening perm, which is roughly six hours. Although the name is funky and reptilian sounding, the results are anything but. The effects of the Japzilian are smooth, shiny locks that last up to five months longer than a normal Brazilian Keratin Treatment.

Japzilian Smoothing Treatment

"We haven’t heard one negative thing about it,” says Kendall of the Joseph Martin Salon.

“It will smooth the hair out, and it makes the texture of the hair feel better. A lot of people lack keratin in the hair,” says Kendall, who stressed how the quality of hair is improved after the treatment.

But the question of texture arises: How does the Japzilian affect one’s natural texture? With the use of the natural protein keratin, the Japzilian claims to create uniformity in texture and deep condition the hair to reduce frizz. Creating uniformity in the hair texture is a tricky task that G-San carefully executes. First, he examines the hair’s texture in different areas of the head. Depending on which area needs the most work, G-San will decide what area to start with and give it extra attention throughout the procedure. No one spot will be curlier than the other.

But with the promise to soften natural ringlets, it’s easy to be skeptical about what’s actually in the Japzilian treatment. After so many Brazilian Keratin Treatments were exposed for their use of formaldehyde, many stylists and consumers alike are now leery of keratin treatments.

“A lot of people are nervous about formaldehyde,” says James Kendall. “This is why he came up with this concept. He didn’t want to work with formaldehyde, so he combined the two for a completely safe treatment that gives bounce and still keeps the quality of the hair.” Kendall assured me that G-San is very knowledgeable and a trustworthy stylist. “He is so meticulous and he has trained the staff. The concept is amazing. No smells, which makes everyone happy.”

But is the Japzilian for everyone? So far, G-San has received nothing but praise for his creation. “They absolutely love it. We haven’t heard one negative thing about it,” says Kendall. “He’s found a way to manipulate the hair so that it works for everyone.” The results are spectacular, and for some the Japzilian is a relief. The natural keratin proteins and the elements of the Japanese straightening perm work to produce smooth hair that is ready for all occasions.

“Anyone that wants to just wake up and go should really look into the Japzilian,” says Kendall, whose wife invested in the treatment. Kendall’s wife, who is the mother of three children, doesn’t exactly have much time in the morning for styling her hair, so the Japzilian was the perfect solution. “My wife has one and she gets up, ruffles her hair and it looks like it’s just been done.”

So far, the Japzilian is only offered in Beverly Hills, but it's an interesting concept that will likely be adopted by stylists across the nation.

“It’s a new time in the hair business. We’re so advanced now,” says Kendall, who urges women to take care of their hair, and insists that the Japzilian provides both the look and feel of healthy hair. “It’s a way to look well taken care of,” and Kendall cannot stress enough how important hair is to our lives. “Hair tells a story about the woman.”

To schedule an appointment for a Japzilian, simply call 310-274-0100.