It's been two months since my Brazilian Blowout, and I have really liked the results. They are not dramatic, by any means, especially compared to others who have gotten it. But it was exactly what I was looking for - less shrinkage, less frizz, a little looser.

So now, as the humidity cranks it up a notch here in Central Texas, I plan to make an appointment for a touch-up. What started as a scary experiment has turned out to be a pleasant surprise. I like the new, slightly different texture of my hair. I will be interested to see how the texture will change by doing it again, and will share my results with everyone.

I will say that one of the benefits of a keratin treatment like this is that it grows out gradually - loose curls and waves start to tighten up slowly. This is good for those of us who may tend to procrastinate about making appointments for hair color or other types of maintenance.

I've also been encouraged to hear about a trend in the industry to create different levels of keratin treatments to meet the needs of a variety of customers - from those like me that want to wear their hair curly to those who want a straighter look. I think it reflects a bigger trend. One size no longer fits all. Texture at all ends of the spectrum are being embraced. And options - once in short supply for us curly girls - are now readily available to us.

Michelle's Brazillian Blowout Blog
To Duncandawgpound: Thank you for that info; I will wait until I find a stylist who has expertise in BB on people who want to stay curly. The last time I was at the salon, another customer with curls was undergoing the the BB treatment. She wanted to wear her hair curly (if she air-dried it) and straight (if she blow-dried it). All the stylists there had taken the BB training and told her she would have both options because they'd been told that BB didn't remove all the curls. But they were wrong. Her hair completely straight even when she air-dried it, much to her dismay! Her stylist had never done it on anyone who wanted to wear it curly. He opined he should have gone over it with the flatiron only 2 or 3 times, instead of the 5 or 6 he did. So, we'd better be careful. The treatment is relatively new and most stylists don't have the necessary experience.

Jennifer- I was told by my stylist that I needed to use the Brazilian Blowout line of products (by Acai). I like them (and you use WAY less's amazing!) but I'm still trying to find out if there's another product I can use when I want to wear my hair curly. The serum is nice, but it doesn't have quite enough hold for me when I wear my hair curly. I sent this question to the Brazilian Blowout website last weekend, but haven't heard anything back. I don't want to risk shortening the lifespan of the blowout, but I also would like to have the option of using a product that has a bit more hold. I'm hoping someone can give me some advice here. Leah- For me, there were minimal changes in the way the treatment was administered. I had my hair washed 3x, treatment brushed on, hair dried & flat-ironed, then rinsed & the masque put on to seal in. My stylist then gave me a trim, and dried my hair straight again (with a few touch-ups w/ the flatiron). She said that, for those who want their hair straighter, she would have worked more w/ the flatiron the 2nd time around...otherwise, the process was basically the same (although I'm guessing you could also probably skip the 2nd round of drying the hair straight if you don't want to lose much curl). My hair is definitely still curly when I don't blow it out straight. In my opinion, I would only feel confident getting this done from someone who understands what you want. There's something to be said for working with someone who appreciates curls & wants to help you figure out a way to manage them better, rather than simply getting rid of them altogether! Good luck in deciding!

I might try this too, as I'm so sick of dealing with dry, tangled frizz at the end of the day no matter what product I use or how I style my hair. What sort of products do you have to use to maintain this treatment? I've heard some people can just wet their hair and not need any products at all. Thanks.

I'm considering a Brazilian Blowout but, like Michelle, I want to continue to wear it curly (although hopefully, with less frizz and puffiness, both of which increase throughout the day). So my question is this: Would the BB treatment administered differently on me than on those who want to wear it straight? If so, what would the difference be? Fewer uses of the flat iron during the treatment? Less time? Although I have talked to a few stylists, none of them have done the treatment on someone who wants to retain her curls. Obviously, I don't want to spend the money until I have some confidence that the result will be what I want. So, if anyone knows the answer, please let me know. Thank you!

I just got the brazilian blowout far, so good! Am anxious to try styling it on my own today. A question for you...I was told that you can only use the Acai Brazilian Blowout this what you're using? I know you need to avoid sulfates, but there are a lot of sulfate-free options out there. I'm a fan of Deva products (as well as Ouidad), and while I'm fine w/ trying out the Acai products, it would be nice to have some options (especially since I'm not sure if the Acai Serum will support my curls as well as Deva Angell.) Thoughts? Thanks, by the way, for sharing your story with us...reading your blog gave me the courage to give this a try!!