Susan’s creative hairstyles are easily recognizable. Where have we seen them? Well we’ve seen her handiwork on Beyonce in the creation of the iconic lemonade braids. Susan’s craftsmanship has been displayed on Solange and Justine Skye, but she still runs her own NYC salon. She draws from her Yoruba culture to tie history and modern swag together in beautiful styles.

What was it like growing up with textured hair?

I was always teased for having natural hair. My mom used to braid my hair in creative natural hairstyles, add beads and create amazing looks. But when I went to school they would try to bring me down. Even though I was proud the kids around me weren’t. Later on when I went to high school, I begged my mom to perm my hair and she begged me not to. I did it anyway. I regretted it then I did a big chop. That’s where my natural hair journey began.

What inspired you to do this work?

I love to create and inspire others all across the globe and even around me. I love seeing people smile after you have done their hair. It’s like this huge inspiration for me.


What are some your most memorable moments of your professional journey?

When I got to style Beyoncé’s hair for the Say yes video! The iconic “lemonade braids” That hairstyle was done over 8 years ago and is still being worn in Africa, Caribbean’s in the states, Brazil literally all over the world. God is amazing. Another would have to be when I made my first book “Lady a celebration of women” I created this book to inspire others that they can do it to. We also spoke to other huge influencers doing it big in the industry and how they started.


When creating styles, where do you draw your inspiration?

I draw inspirations from dreams, artists around me, other dope people, creative images, movies, cartoons, candy, a random thought, my pain, Yoruba culture, the youth and most especially from GOD.

What does natural hair represent to you?

Natural hair represents identity. It’s who you are, God created natural hair to touch the sky. Often times we want our hair to be stretched, permed and all the manipulation done to our hair, but our hair is meant to be left alone, meant to flourish. Our hair is POWERFUL.


What legacy do you strive to leave?

I strive to have a legacy that you can be yourself and still make it. You can discover yourself through helping people. Never give up no matter what and always look to the top. Don’t let others belittle you, the most important opinion that matters is what God thinks of you & what you think of yourself.

What are your top tips to protect the crown?

Always sleep with a satin bonnet or satin pillowcase, drink a lot of water, use natural oils and products. We have a lot of natural hair products from different artists at Hairbysusy salon. Create a hair schedule for yourself on when to wash, deep condition, braid, moisturize and etc.


What are your thoughts on the natural hair movement?

It’s a movement that is moving strong! I love it and I’m proud of the natural hair movement. It’s been a long time coming but we continue to push the barriers, claim ourselves and love our hair. This also helps with self love too because you are embracing every part of you.

Susy is empowering naturalista’s across the world with her creative styles. Check out her Instagram page for more of her larger than life designs.