We all want beautiful, healthy hair, and that starts with a healthy scalp. While the use of natural oils is a long-standing tradition in the natural hair community, there are those hesitant to fully embrace this trend because they feel itchy. A lot of curlies may wonder, do certain oils make your scalp itch? Let's take a look at reasons why oils may cause that itchy feeling that makes some wary of choosing oils.

Do certain oils make your scalp itch?

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The answer is yes, but there is more to it than just that simple answer. Before you swear off all oils, as well as the many benefits oils can offer to your scalp and strands, there are a few things you need to know. The oil source isn't usually the problem unless you are putting something crazy on your hair which truly doesn't belong there. The issue is usually because of three main reasons for that itchy feeling.

1. Reaction

While rare, it is possible to have an allergic reaction to natural oils. If you experience an itchy feeling with a burning sensation accompanied by bumps raised on the skin, it may be an allergic reaction. Of course, the best way to make sure you avoid this fate is to spot test any time you use a new oil. When you use an oil for the first time, you should test it on one small spot on your scalp, as opposed to applying it all over.

2. Circulation Booster

Another reason you may experience an itchy feeling could be because the oil naturally stimulates circulation. While this itch is less intense than an allergic reaction, it is still a common feeling. However, this type of itching doesn't usually burn the same way and is more of a tingly itch sensation. For instance, castor oil is often reported as feeling a little itchy for some naturals, but that is usually the fact that circulation is being boosted. Peppermint oil is another oil sometimes described as feeling itchy, but this one usually comes with a cool sensation to balance things out. The itch is usually the oil working as an antibacterial agent on the scalp.

3. Previous Itch

It is also possible that the itchy feeling is because you have an underlying issue on your scalp that the oil isn't designed to help remedy. For instance, if your scalp is already inflamed or irritated, you may feel that itchiness regardless of what oil you use at first because of how severe the scalp issue has become without treatment.

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