Photo Courtesy of Maia Noelle

I do not believe that there are many women who enjoy washing their hair every day. For one, it is time-consuming, for two, it is too much manipulation to your hair, which can actually cause breakage. The less manipulation the better and your morning routine will go more quickly and smoothly. You may even use fewer products by rocking second, third, or even fourth-day hair. It just takes some practice and a lot of patience because curly hair can have a mind of its own and if you try to simply control it instead of work with it, you will become frustrated. Here are 11 styles you should consider when you want to stave off wash day.

5 different messy buns

Buns are fun, easy, sexy, sophisticated, stylish, casual, versatile, and a great second-day hairstyle. There is the side bun, the low bun, the curly bun, the messy bun, and even double buns. Make your bun your own and you can add accessories to create a whole new look. A flower headband or a beautiful print scarf around the base of your bun is perfect for when you are on the run. Maia Noelle is a spunky teen with gorgeous curls and fun styles for second-day hair. She is channeling the messy bun without the need to rewet her hair.

3 easy head scarf tutorial

Headscarves are beautiful, stylish, and can dress up or dress down any outfit you can create. They are perfect for second, third, or even fourth-day hair, because they can cover your entire head. Some headscarf styles can be intimidating. There can be more than one with interweaving and special braiding. For simplicity, Allurein Natural has three styles you will love. All three are great for bad hair days too and she shows you exactly how to create each style no matter your level of expertise with headscarves.

My sleek high puff

This is another perfect style for second-day hair especially if coming out of a twist out, wash and go, or a failed hairstyle. This is my go-to when I am putting off washday, because it always gets compliments whether my curls are defined or frizzy. It is just a great style. TheChicNatural shares the perfect video on creating a curly puff on second-day hair. This video is definitely for my curlies that love those slick edges. I got you! A scarf, puff cuff, knee high, or even a ribbon can be used to create a high puff.

Trendy roll, tuck, & pin 

Most naturals already know about this. This was the original second-day hairstyle for most women. If you could roll, tuck and pin a bobby pin in your hair then you had this style down pat. It is simple and pretty. I often forget about it as a viable hairstyle. Shame on me and shame on you if you do not give this easy style a try. Our very own Jenell shows just how simple this style can be. Now, you do need a length longer than a TWA but a slight variation of that would be to just roll, tuck, and pin your longest hairs if you have a tapered cut and leave the rest out or under a scarf. When it comes to making your hair routine easier, you just need to be creative and find your own unique styles.

Two strand flat twist protective style

You cannot have a second-day hairstyle post without mentioning braids or flat twists. This is a great style right before wash day, but it is also great for a second-day hairstyle if your first day hairstyle has come and left! Do not feel intimidated if you cannot braid, so if you can twist then you can create amazing second-day hairstyles as lovely and as lasting as a braided style. Nik Scott shows how you can turn an old wash and go, twist out, or blow-out into a protective style that will last and give you more than second-day hair. You can go for the side part or down the middle so the same style can have a totally different look. Add some accessories like a flower headband or a bling one for your forehead and you have transformed yourself into a bohemian goddess.


Now, some may not see this as a true second-day hairstyle, but if you are working with a wash and go, a twist out, or some other style that still has life it in on the second day then just revive it by adding a spritz of water or a refresher. Perfection is not the name of the game, especially if you are not going somewhere special, but wanting to feel presentable is understandable.

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