Our hair can play a huge role in self-esteem for people in every stage of life. Not only can our hair’s appearance feel like a big deal, but the ritual of haircare is also a big part of many people’s lives, especially those of us with curls. So, when people lose their hair to cancer, trichotillomania, or other illnesses, they lose a lot more than just hair. Many cancer patients express that having a wig helps normalize their lives and regain their confidence during a time that is difficult both physically and emotionally. However, many cannot afford wigs during their treatment. Fortunately, many organizations provide free wigs to those who have lost their hair.

1. Chai Lifeline

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Chai Lifeline is an international support network that provides practical assistance to children and families impacted by medical crises and trauma. Their programs and services vary from tutoring and education assistance to transportation, medical appointments, and case management support. Their hair donation services help to create wigs for children and adults to help boost their self-esteem.

2. Wigs for Kids

5 Charities That Make Free Wigs
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For children who have lost their hair, the organization Wigs for Kids provides wigs completely made of human hair and custom-made for each recipient. Even better, each wig is custom-fitted, age-appropriate, individually styled, and cut to meet a child’s needs. They are created so that they won’t come off – kids can play and engage in their everyday activities without worrying about keeping their wigs in place. Those interested can apply for a wig here or learn how to donate a wig here.

3. EBeauty

5 Charities That Make Free Wigs
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EBeauty has a wig exchange program in which women donate the wigs that they no longer have a use for. The wigs are then refurbished and donated to women who have lost their hair, cannot afford to buy a wig, or live in a remote location and do not have easy access to wigs. EBeauty has partnered with many hospitals and other organizations to serve as drop-off centers, and those wishing to donate a wig can also mail it in.

4. Hair We Share

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This organization provides wigs to people of all ages. Hair We Share gives wigs free of charge to children under 18 years old who have a medical condition that causes hair loss, and they also give wigs to adults over 18 based on financial need. This charity’s mission statement is “to help maintain the dignity, confidence, and self-esteem of those affected by medical hair loss.” This statement applies to not just women and children but men, too.

5. Locks of Love

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Locks of Love is an organization that has helped people suffering from autoimmune diseases, alopecia, and hair loss from radiation and chemotherapy. Recipients can receive custom wigs free of charge that can vary in length, texture, color, and size. Their goal is to help restore self-confidence and normalcy to children of all ages suffering from hair loss.

Whether you need a free wig or hoping to donate hair, check out one of these organizations. Many decide not to wear a wig after losing their hair, which is also great! But for those who prefer to wear a wig, there are many options for receiving a wig free of charge. These organizations allow people to choose how they look after experiencing illness.

Losing your hair and undergoing treatment can make you feel powerless, so having options for how you look is an incredible tool for creating a positive self-image. For those who have recently decided to wear a wig, check out our guide to styling and choosing a wig from celebrity stylist Arrogrant Tae.

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