Since our hair is a big part of our identities, it can be quite unnerving when hair loss rears its ugly head (no pun intended”>.

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Whether your hair fall is short or long term, it can be quite the unpleasant experience–to say the least. Watching your hair thin all over or having it fall out in clumps is not easy. There is the worry associated with wondering if something is seriously wrong with your head and the concerns about how the hair loss will affect your appearance.

Thirty million American women are affected by hair loss and the general consensus among experts is that genes, aging and hormonal changes play a role, according to medical professionals at WebMD. There are also lifestyle factors such as stress and diet that can cause hair loss in addition to some thirty medical conditions.

While we search for the solutions to restore our hair, we also want to keep the hair we still have healthy and vibrant. Minimizing the sparse, thinning look is a priority when experiencing hair loss. We need our hair to have the appearance of volume and fullness which means using products that are lightweight enough to not weigh the hair down but potent enough to give hair all the moisture it needs.

According to Richard J. Moskowitz, MD, Dermatologist in Private Practice, Mineola, NY for MedlinePlus, the two main signs of hair loss are a general all-over thinning of the hair or specifically at the front of the head. The top of the scalp and the crown area are usually affected; in such cases, your center part will be wider than it was previously, although the hairline usually remains in tact.

The washing process is the beginning of creating the appearance of volume in thinning hair.

Using products to strengthen and condition without adding weight is important.

  1. Apply a moisturizing leave-in conditioner following your cleansing routine. Concentrate application on the ends of your hair–which are usually the driest–and apply them with a light hand to your roots.
  2. Use the smallest amount of product necessary. Avoid adding too much weight to the hair and causing product build-up. Look for products that are lightweight, volumizing and specifically designed to aid thinning hair and promote regrowth, strength and scalp health. 

Thinning naturals should use these products

Shampoos and conditioners

Moisturizers and leave-ins



If you think you may be experiencing hair fall or are concerned your center part as widened, try examining photos over time, just to be sure. Sometimes we can miss things that come on gradually, until of course, it becomes too big an issue to ignore. The quicker you notice your hair loss, the sooner you can have the problem resolved.

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