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Hair goes through many stages throughout our lives.

As children, most of us are born with thin and soft strands that begin to transform as the follicle changes; they thicken into early adulthood. It is easy to forget that hair can change and it is important to reevaluate your regimen during each new stage of your life to make sure you are caring for it properly.

One of the big changes that can happen with your hair is in your fifties, when hormones are changing and the growth rate starts slowing down. With slower growing hair and many of us turning to chemical coloring, it’s no wonder why hair starts losing its luster at this age. Still, that certainly doesn’t mean it is time to hide your hair away forever. With proper care, it can be brought back to its full potential with an easy-to-manage regimen. Here are 8 things you should stop doing to your hair after 50. 

1. Stop brushing your hair

Once your hair begins to thin it becomes very susceptible to breakage especially if you try to pull a brush through it every day.  If you must use a brush, search for one with soft bristles, like boars hair, to help smooth and tame fly-aways without worrying about breakage.

2. Stop using sulfates

With thinning hair sulfates can be far too harsh on the hair strands, however using a cowash might not be able to remove build up enough leaving your hair weighed down.  A sulfate free shampoo is the perfect compromise to remove the build up without worrying about extra damage.  

3. Stop neglecting protein

Aging hair can become more easily over moisturized so finding the perfect balance between the two is a must.  Including a protein treatment in replace of your normal deep condition can do wonders for the strength of your locks.

4. Stop depending on your diet for nutrients

Depending on our diet to get everything hair needs may mean that you miss out on some vital nutrients.    Adding a biotin supplement may help improve strength of your hair and nails, but do consult your doctor before adding any supplements to your regimen. 

5. Lose the layers

When your hair begins to thin, cutting your hair in layers can cause your hair to look thinner than it actually is.  Styling your hair with just one length can bring back the look of fullness to your hair. If you’ve been wearing your hair in the same style for years, now is a great time to talk to your stylist and make sure your cut is really enhancing your curls. Don’t underestimate the value of a good cut.

6. Don’t skip the trims

Hair can start to look wispy at the ends if left unchecked. This can be especially evident if your hair is thinning and suffering from breakages, so be sure to stay up on your regular trim schedule to keep your hair looking healthy.

7. Don’t sleep with your hair unprotected

Sleeping can be especially rough on your hair. Remembering to put it up in a satin cap overnight or sleep on a satin pillowcase can keep it protected from damage and prevent breakage.

8. Avoid tight styles

When dealing with thinning hair it can be tempting to want to pull it back and out of sight, but doing this could be making your situation worse.  Tight styles can hurt the circulation to your scalp and also cause breakage on thin or fragile hair, so if you need to pull it back stick to loose ponies and buns.

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