What do Jamie Lee Curtis, Emmy Lou Harris, Paula Deen, Dame Judi Dench and Dame Helen Mirren all have in common? They’ve made the bold decision to own their gray — and I think I may be ready to join them as well.

They are a newer, fresher face of gray. The ones traveling in the same circles as George Clooney, Anderson Cooper and Ten Danson. Going gray no longer has the stigma of "old and dried up" attached to it. In fact, you’ll see many articles and websites proclaiming that gray is SEXY!

I’d like to look as good as Helen Mirren walking the red carpet in her slinky gowns, too. If owning my gray is the first step, I’m calling my stylist immediately!

Taking the First Gray Step

Making the decision to go gray is a little intimidating, but I think I’m ready to do it. I’ve colored my hair since I was 16. I’m a natural brunette with dark auburn highlights. I saw my first gray hairs when I was 23 — just three little strands to start.

Sometime during the past seven years, the gray took over. ­­When I color my hair these days, I have to leave the color on my hair twice as long as the box says because those grays are just so stubborn! This past time, I decided to lighten the color to a muted bronze. I left the color on my hair for double the amount of time, and those darn grays were having none of it.

The strands of hair that are still amenable to color, took it; the grays said "no way," though, and did not grab any of the hair dye. As I stood in the bathroom inspecting my strands, I decided it’s time to give in to Mother Nature. It’s actually kind of a cool look.

Going Gray Resolutions

As the end of the year creeps up, I make resolutions for what I wish to achieve over the next block of 365 days. I want to live my life more naturally, and that incorporates everything from recycling more to buying more natural products for the home and more natural products for myself.

Hair dye doesn’t make the list. I know there are natural brands on the market, but living more naturally is also about living more authentically. I’m getting older. My hair is graying. It’s my attitude that keeps me younger, not my hair. I’d like to look closer to my real age anyway instead of people mistaking me for someone in their late 30s. It’s a nice thought, but the question that eventually leaves their lips once they hear about some of my past adventures is: "Just how old are you?”  Yeah, that’s a question I’d like to not hear again, because I’m never certain if they think I’m cool or just really immature.

Want More?

The beauty of gray curls is undeniable! Embrace YOU and love the gray, too!

Going Gray Gracefully

For me, owning my gray means owning my life, my years on this earth and my experiences. I earned every stripe on my head through marriage, divorce, remarriage and widowhood. Society isn’t the judgmental sphere it once was when it comes to wearing a silver head of locks, and that should make going gray more bearable than my mother has found hers to be.

When I think of the time and money spent in covering my gray, I wished I’d made the decision sooner. Constantly worrying about whether or not I "need to do my roots again," or "I hope the grays took the color," leaves me with little time to worry about the more important things, like:  "Where are George and I going to dinner tonight?"