Dear Ouidad: I'm a 54-year-old white woman, and until last summer, I always used a blow dryer. I had no realization that my hair is really curly. So, as an experiment I've let it grow to shoulder length and now it really is showing an ugly, frizzy, unmanageable side when I try to blow dry. Plus an old lady with springs on her head seems weird to me and the gray hair is colored (low lights) — what are your length and healthy hair suggestions?

A: For aging hair (especially if you have damage from heat styling), start with Deep Treatment conditioning 2x/month to reduce frizz and regain curl definition. Once you and your stylist see what your natural curls look like, you can decide on a style that best suits your face and personality and I don't believe in age and length—it's up to the individual.. The best way to keep curls looking good at any age isn’t a certain length or color, but keeping them healthy and choosing a style that’s unique to you!