For many women, those little gray hair strands seem to creep up out of nowhere.

While color appointments and boxes of color may be one option, next time… try onions! They have actually proven to help increase hair growth and reverse the grays when applied to the scalp. High in sulfur, onion juice helps to regenerate follicles and helps to prevent hair loss as well.

Researchers from Bradford University in the UK, show that the build-up of hydrogen peroxide, in hair, causes grays and hair loss. The natural antioxidant , catalase, is decreased when more hydrogen peroxide enters hair follicles. However, catalase is found in onion juice, and helps to reduce the buildup of hydrogen peroxide.

Onion Juice Recipe

  • It’s best to start with fresh onions (even though you can buy onion juice in the store”>.
  • Peel and cut an onion (white or yellow”> into quarters and put it in the juicer or food processor
  • Strain the mixture for the juice
  • Store the remainder juice in small quantities in the fridge

How to Apply

  1. Test one small area, or water down the mixture with just a small amount of water.
  2. Apply the juice lightly to the scalp daily and lightly massage it in.
  3. Leave the juice on your scalp for 30-45 mins. (And yes, the smell may be quite strong- when it’s time to rinse, use your favorite nourishing shampoo or conditioner to wash it out”>
  4. For best results, wait 4-6 weeks to see results, depending on how much gray you have and the concentration that you use. However, with consistent use you will notice stronger hair follicles and fewer grays.
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