Is your hair ready for sex?

How to make yourself look presentable in a serious hurry? How to prevent the mess in the first place?

  1. Put your hair up in a sexy, but easy, 'do before you do the deed.
  2. Opt for the uppermost vantage point. Your curls are less likely to be crushed or smooshed if you're hovering above rather than writhing about on a pillowcase.
  3. Offer something else for clutching, so that your hair is left untouched.
  4. All curlies should always carry an emergency-fix-it product or two in her purse. While the cover of dark is still nigh, sneak into the bathroom for some quick repairs.
  5. You can always opt for the mysterious middle-of-the-night departure. Send him daisies the next day and keep him guessing.