July 23-August 22

Happy Birthday Leo! It's your time to outshine everybody else and have the spotlight completely on you. But what will your hair and beauty say about who you are this month?

Give yourself some TLC. Every lioness needs it now and then.

Qualities You Possess

  • You think highly of yourself. Leos tend to portray a sense of entitlement onto everyone around them.
  • You are impatient. Does it require meticulous attention to detail? Count Leo out.
  • You are kind-hearted. Despite your beastly, animalistic qualities, you can be sweet and sociable when you feel like it.

What does this mean?

As your birthday fastly approaches, you're scavenging online social media sites for hair and makeup tutorials--you want to have a fresh new look for the big day. However, your impatience is getting in the way and won't let you roam into an unfamiliar arena of your personal style. Your everyday go-to is a twist-out? Rock a bantu knot-out during the b-day weekend. You've been bleach blonde your whole life? Go jet black with no regrets!

Leo, you want to be loved. Well honey, you've gotta love yourself before you can receive love from anyone else! Set your bathroom and bedroom up for a little DIY self-pamper session on a free kids, no work, no hubby. Just the quiet house, your iPod, your deep conditioning steamer, and the sense of calm every lioness deserves.

As the outdoor temperatures rise and city crowds flock indoors, natural hair expos are becoming even more the rage than ever. If you're up for gathering with a group of like-minded individuals with shared interests as yourself, consider attending your local hair show as an exciting way to meet new prospective friends in your area.

Based on your traits, you may find inspiration in these:

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