Reject-Proof Pick-Up Tactics For The Savvy Single Gal

2011-04-13 08:57:09

Reject-Proof Pick-Up Tactics For The Savvy Single Gal

Check out our amazing "tricks" for getting hot guys to notice you!

Reject-proof ways to put yourself out there. They won't know what hit 'em.

As single women, it’s not always easy to go after what you want, to put yourself out there without fearing the possibility of rejection or coming across as desperate. Here are my tried-and-true, reject-proof ways to covertly pick up men. Trust me, they won’t know what hit ‘em.

1. "Digital Underground" This tactic is guaranteed to not only get him to take your number but also get his digits. This requires an over-sized, seemingly disorganized-looking purse or bag and can pretty much be used anywhere. I inadvertently stumbled upon this maneuver on a flight home to Texas. I was on a crowded airplane, and during the hustle and bustle of stowing my luggage and getting settled in my seat, came to discover I no longer had my cell phone. In a panic, I turned to the guy in the seat behind me, explained the situation and asked if he could call my phone so I could try to find it. Gave him my digits and had him make the call.

As soon as I heard my phone start ringing I immediately realized what had just transpired and the new “super power” I now possessed of being able to give hot guys my number while simultaneously obtaining theirs. Turned out my cell was in my purse. We shared a laugh, chatted before take-off and ended up going out for a first date later that weekend as he conveniently had my digits and ended up “text” asking me out.

2. "The Bend Sans Snap" This would end up being my biggest take-away from the movie "Legally Blonde" years after the fact, but I must say it is one of the most effective ways to initiate a conversation with a guy you’re interested in. It’s especially effective to use at a party. The first time I attempted it was on a dare at a party, my “gay husband” dared me to do the “bend and snap” to get the attention of a hot guy. I said “fine,” strutted by him and dropped my clutch, practically on his foot. I seductively bent down, arched my back while picking it up... and before I could even manage a snap, he asked if I had lead in my purse. Thirty minutes later into a conversation with this guy, I realized that there was really something to this whole “bend and snap” thing.

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Single and the City/Amber Soletti

Single and the City/Amber Soletti

wow, all of these require approaching the guy first, sounds desperate to me, plus embarrassing while you're doing it.
Wow! These are pretty good why the hell didn't I think of them. Kudos to you! Definitely going to put them to the test. Please keep more dating articles coming. Lots of curly singles girls out there!
Seriously dude?