I hate to burst a curly girl’s bubble.

However, the
real fix for your split ends is finally taking that leap and going for
that trim you’ve been putting of for months.

Split ends are never attractive and are not easy to hide once a wash and go is completely dry and unfortunately, they cannot be magically fixed. But this is when you have to get creative and try something new.

Split ends can appear as fraying at the ends of your curls — or even, sometimes, the middle of the hair shaft. They are similar to what you sometimes see at the end of your favorite winter scarf. Splitting of the hair can be caused by both internal and external factors such as health, lack of vitamins, using harsh styling tools, heat and dryness. Make sure to deep condition weekly, co-wash in-between shampoos, slathering conditioner on the ends at night and hide them with different curly hairstyles. Here is one of the easiest curly hairstyles I create to hide those unwanted split ends on my curls.

Split Ends

Start with a day 1 or 2 wash and go. Style with a moisturizing leave-in conditioner and leave to air dry for less frizz.

Midding Parting

Create a middle parting in the hair, gently trying not to create any frizz.

; font-size: 14px; font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;”>2 Front Curls

Leave 2 curls out at the front and add some conditioner to the ends of them if needed.

Half Hair

Tie one half of your hair to the side whilst you focus on the opposite side of the hair.

Ends of hair

Grab the ends of the side you are working on and tuck them under.

Tucking Ends Under

Begin to roll upwards to your ear whilst still gripping your ends.

Secure Curly Bun With Hairband

Once in place secure with a hairband once (very loosely — you don’t want to cause any more splitting”>.

2 Low Curly Buns

Repeat for the opposite side.2 Low Curly Buns

That’s it!

Wear this simple but effective curly hairstyle to hide damage or at a classy event. If you are fussed with any split ends showing, you can easily tuck the curls at the front of your hair into the low buns but I like the messy look sometimes!

When you next stress about what to do with your damaged hair definitely give this easy curly hairstyle a try it will elegantly hide those split ends you’ve been cringing over for weeks. Remember to prevent more splitting, keep up a healthy diet and slow down with the heat styling and harsh combs and brushes for everyday use.

Note: Since split ends cannot be fixed completely so be sure to find a trustworthy curly stylist who can trim your hair properly. A good dry cut is a great way to keep your curls in shape and causes less damage by using no heat for the process!

What do you do to manage your split ends in between trims?

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