For us curlies, naturally textured hair is always in vogue. But this spring, naturally textured hair has been called a "trend to follow." Marjon Carlos of Vogue Italy reported that the newest pack of black models are “storming the catwalk in full embrace of their natural hairstyles, from cropped Afros to flat tops to buzzed scalps.”

Spring hair trends are falling in favor of natural hair whether its curly, coily or wavy. This season's trends are “defined by minimalism and natural beauty,” according to Kari Molvar of Harper's Bazar.

This spring, hairstyles trend toward a soft, undone, homemade, effortless look. This is the season for pretty, do-it-yourself curly hairstyles. Take a look at how people are wearing these 2012 spring hair trends.

Celebrities Embrace the Spring Trend

Beyonce's House of Deréon's Spring 2012 line video features all textured hairstyles including a closely cropped fro, messy, tousled waves and curly hairstyles that seem to have been allowed to get bigger and curlier in the dewy spring weather.

Christina Caradona is beautifully sporting this spring's hair trend on Trop Rouge with beach-wind blown curls left out or swept up into an intentionally untidy bun. Denise Richards' big, center parted, nicely mussed curly hairstyle is also characteristic of  this spring hair trend.

Specific Spring Looks

Christine Louis-Jacques with a fluffed out 'fro, side pinned back, has the soft and effortless look of this spring's biggest trends.
  • The tousled 20s wave, or curly flapper bob in shoulder length or just below the ears. Illustrator and fashion blogger Garance Doré recently interviewed Valentina Di Pinto, Fashion Editor for Glamour Italy, who wears a spring-trending center-parted, curly bob.
  • Wet, glistening and fresh out of the shower looks achieved by hairstylist Guido simply by saturating the whole hair or just the roots while wet with argan oil. named this effortless wet chignon amongst their favorite 2012 hair trends.
  • Sophisticated braids and twists left down and disheveled or pinned up. Loose top and soft fishtail braids were featured on the catwalks for Spring 2012. Another spring hair trend, this can be achieved by braiding or twisting your hair and then using pins to wrap the braid into a slightly disheveled up-do characteristic of this season's trends.
  • Still seeing red. The 2011 trend in either natural or dyed red hues and highlights is a continuing one that can give dimension to your loosly coiffed curls, coils or waves this spring. Silvia Girolami of Vogue Italy says, “Judging by the latest trends, it seems that having red hair is now more 'in' than ever. Many celebs have given in to the charm of red, a mania that – as hairstylists are stating – is destined to shine for all 2012.”
  • Simply Accessorized. The trend this spring also includes casually accessorizing with floppy hats like those often pictured on The Sartorialist and head wraps and scarves like in a photo taken by Garance Doré at Cafe Colette in New York.

So curlies, which trends will you be trying out this spring?