Making the choice to cut bangs can be a huge decision, especially on Type 3 curly hair. There is constant upkeep with trims and they may require daily maintenance with the help of a leave-in or finger coils. However, curly bangs have many benefits. They can be youthful, add volume, contour the face and even hide a big forehead. If you have bangs but don't know what to do with them, then check out these 5 hairstyles to rock your bangs.


Image: @jeanna_80

Curly French Twist

Let your bangs hang to the side with a simple french twist. Spritz a leave-in conditioner along the sides of your head. Then, use fingers or a smoothing brush to gather one side of the hair off center. Use pins vertically starting at the nape working your way up. Fold and roll the loose section over the pins in an upward direction. Use hairpins to secure twist leaving the top loose. Use fingers to adjust the direction that the hair lays up top.


Image: @curly.edgy

High Ponytail w/Criss-Crossed Cornrows

Update your ponytail with a few cornrows. Clip aside a horseshoe section at your bangs and another horizontal section on the bottom half of your head. Moving along to the side section, add three more diagonal sections. Braid the section closest to the back downward into a cornrow leaving the ends loose. Repeat on the other 2 sections and clip to hold out of place. The braids should get longer as you get closer to the hairline.

Create two more sections below the three diagonal braids. Add cornrows to those two sections in an upward direction so that they overlap the top section and clip out of the way. Add one last cornrow that lays slightly horizontal towards the back. Unclip all braids and bottom section and gather into a high ponytail. Unclip the front horseshoe section and let the bangs hang free. Apply edge control and smooth hairline with a brush.


Image: @mzbiancarenee

Sexy Side Swept Curls

An easy style for bangs that requires only a few bobby pins. To get sexy, side swept curls, start by using an Afro pick to fluff out curls. Then apply pomade or edge control along one side of the head and smooth with a brush. Move hair all the way to the desired side and apply several pins into hair at the point that crosses over the center of the head. Fluff curls with fingers or a pick.


Image: @kaylamadonna shot by @urban.scope

Glamorous Braided Side Swept Curls

Starting on 2nd day hair or older, part hair around the arch of the eyebrow and follow to the bottom of the head in the center. Clip aside the larger section of the two. On the smaller section, pull out a tendril near the ear and create 4 separate new sections.

Clip aside the three sections and begin a cornrow on the first section. Add a small elastic to hold braid in place. Repeat the process on the remaining sections. Unclip the larger section and apply a lightweight oil for shine. Add gold cuffs along each braid for a glamorous look.


Image: @freshlengths

Curly Bun with Bangs

Simplicity at its best. Spritz a moisturizing leave-in conditioner into the hair and gather into a high ponytail leaving the bangs out. Secure with an elastic then twist and wrap ponytail into a bun. Secure with pins and shake out bangs with your fingers.

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