Attention: Curlfriends!

For all of those who don't get down with shrinkage, we've got you covered!

The SheaMoisture Red Palm Oil & Cocoa Butter, touting a product list with a detangling shampoo, leave-in or rinse out conditioner, styling gelee, and replenishing shine butter.

This product line focuses on elongating 3C-4C curls and conditioning shrinkage prone strands, perfect for those of us with tighter coils.

It is also sulfate free, completely free of coconut oil, and provides a nice frizz-free finish to all of your styles. Also, depending on which product you use from the line, the hold factor is stated to be pretty strong, making it a really viable option for styles that require major definition like twist outs, braid outs, and so forth.

Product Shot

Some of the ingredients featured in this new product line include red palm oil and cocoa butter, both derived from natural ingredients and full of antioxidants to help retain moisture. An under the radar natural hair fave, Red palm oil contains the "highest amounts of vitamins A and E of any plant-based oil…and at least ten other carotenes, including the antioxidants, tocopherols, and tocotrienols (vitamin E)" according to, making it an oil full of antioxidants and much-needed vitamins to encourage hair growth. Cocoa butter is also one of our staples for moisturizing since it is a rich butter filled with healthy fats, perfect for permeating through hair strands and locking in the nutrients from the red palm oil.

Earth Tip: Not to be confused with palm kernel oil, the environmentalist in me had to check to make sure the palm oil used in this product line was not a result of deforestation, and it isn't! Red palm oil is harvested humanely and does not remove the natural habitats of orangutans in any way, so not only is it good for your hair, but it doesn't harm the environment as well.

So want to see how I used it?

Here's How:

Long overdue for a wash day, I started with hair that had been up in a bun all week, so I was really looking forward to the detangling properties this collection holds. I washed my hair with the Detangling Shampoo first and then proceeded with the rest of my process. My initial impression was that the line smells ridiculously good. I hadn't even gotten into my curls yet before I was already obsessed with the smell and how light it was.

Once, I put it into my hair though... ya'll, it is excellent. Shea Moisture might have outdone themselves.

Hair Texture

Pictured: Hair with Leave-In or Rinse Out Conditioner

The Detangling Shampoo alone was not stripping whatsoever, and I was able to finger detangle my curls with the shampoo as if I had conditioner in my hair. Once I shampooed my hair twice, I then transitioned over to the Leave-In or Rinse Out Conditioner. It provided incredible slip and was really gentle on the strands, perfect for us coilies with super tight curls. The conditioner melts into your hair, and really coats it, creating a tear-free detangling process. Normally, I would use my Wet Pro brush as an added tool to get out knots, but I didn't even need to touch it. Finger detangling was enough.

I then rinsed out the conditioner, applied a fresh coat of the leave-in, and went straight into styling. Separating my hair into 6 sections to do a twist out, I layered the Curl Stretch Pudding and the Styling Gelee on top of each other for each twist I created and then let it air dry for about 4 hours. I like frizz in my hair, so I took down my twists when they were about 80% dry.

So what do yall think?



I loveeeeee how this product worked out in my hair. Honestly, the Hair Gods are singing right now, because ya girl's moisture is on point. Not only was I able to achieve a well-defined twist out, but the palm oil made my scalp tingle while it was drying resulting in an almost spalike experience.

Wash day holy grail right here.

My hair also stretched really nicely, and I just fluffed my roots with a pick a little bit. The Replenishing Shine Butter got my edges together for my final step, and hands down... issa winner.

So what are your thoughts so far curlies? Did it perform well in my hair?

Have you tried Red Palm Oil in your curls before? Are you digging the new Shea Moisture Collection?

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